February 20, 2022

Ribbon of Jewels 2/19/22 - Meet write up - The Road Not Taken

Photo credit: Cat Yates
I approached the prospect of serving as "lead" meet director for my first time with that of a soul needing to find their way home through the thick undergrowth that has crept into many of our lives while surviving a pandemic.  Over the past two months, I spent countless of our inversion-January yellow "sun break" afternoons delighting in the quiet spaces, where often among the snow and mud I trod steps of my own, while many ran the other way (but a few did stop to ask me, "Do you work for the City?  Tell them they need to replace this part of the Greenbelt").  

The process of scouting the map, mixed with learning the OCAD software, and coordinating with our experienced club leaders, has been an incredible opportunity to challenge myself to extend my skills as an orienteer.  I would highly recommend the experience - as it will surely help you choose to take the road less traveled - and it will make all the difference.  My enduring gratitude to Sergey, John, Melanie, and my wife Lauren, for their guidance and encouragement in this new endeavor. 

Additional shoutout goes to my doggo Sue for her constant "hype gal" mentality to join me on all of my map scouting adventures. 
Sue enjoying the sunshine

Write up inspirational credit goes to Robert Frost's The Road Not Takenhttps://poets.org/poem/road-not-taken

Now for some fun photos and numerical highlights of our February Meet:
  • 67 - total participants
  • 16 - first-time orienteers
  • 2,100+ - orienteer minutes on courses
  • 445+ - controls punched
  • 10 - new/renewed CTOC memberships
  • 47:35 - Sergey's unofficial time to run/step-up course controls while carrying a golf bag and a duffel bag (see photographic proof later on)
  • 8 - seconds separating the Intermediate course's 7th-9th place finishers
  • 3 - first-time orienteers who placed in the top 3 in their course
  • 1 - times Kirsten looked at her map and then ran her course (incredible!)
  • 0 - times Veteran's Memorial Parkway was illegally crossed (henceforth known on this map as The Road Not Taken)

Lukas F. at the stick fort

Elise O. and Johnny B. on their first course

Mike B. starting off strong

Photo credit: James Hull

Heron patiently waiting for a snack

Lauren H. smiling per usual

Cat and Trenton Yates enjoying the sunshine

A blurry 8am Sergey because he is running so fast or because it is 10x zoom across the park on my IPhone?

Results by course are listed below and timing splits can be found at this link: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/en/show_event.asp?id=79940

Advanced (9) 4.0 km 0 m 17 C

1 Mike Bading 52:13

2 Bill Leahy 57:35

3 Doug Lamott 1:00:07

4 Melanie Wright 1:05:02

5 Family Ford 1:11:54

6 Lauren Hennrich 1:19:55

7 Jerry Stewart 2:14:43

        Cat Yates dnf

        Trenton Yates dnf

Intermediate (13) 3.2 km 0 m 13 C

1 Innes Wright 59:12

2 Katrina Wright 1:00:04

3 Karin Didisse 1:07:13

4 John-Eli Arambarri 1:15:45

5 Leslie Parez & John Siebold 1:20:41

6 Laura-Greg Hayes 1:27:22

7 Pete Honeysett 1:43:49

8 Christy-Scott Morris 1:43:54

9 Carol Kaczmarski & Janet Sammis 1:43:57

10 Team The Adventures 1:56:22

Darla and Randy Rhude manual punch, 2:00:00

Kim Tsuda manual punch, 2:00:00

        Andrew and Jocelyn Olnes finished course, but un-timed due to e-punch error 

        James Hull manual punch, no time reported

        Steve-Erika-Anni Fransen dnf

Sport (9) 2.3 km 0 m 10 C

1 Kirsten Severud 39:30

2 Johnny Boyd & Elise Overgaard 50:08

3 Terra Kolb 56:04

4 Grove Hummert 56:27

5 Michail-Lukas Fragkias 1:17:51

6 Jacquelin-Jeremy Gaddy 1:22:05

7 Donna Pitzer 1:23:42

8 Family Swann 1:33:32

        John Murray manual punch

Beginner (9) 0.8 km 0 m 6 C

1 Terra Kolb 17:55

2 Grove Hummert 22:48

3 Windy-James Irwin 27:57

4 Shravik Sethi & Analisa Miller 28:27

5 Ian Mckenzie 31:13

6 Lynette-Team Mcdougal 32:35

7 Jeremy-Jacquelin Gaddy 41:41

8 Patti Knutson 48:18

        Lilly-Miles Gastil manual punch

Photo credit: Cat Yates
For next month's meet, we travel a little up river to the Kathryn Alberton's Park area for the "Greenbelt Unknown O-Meet" on a new map developed by Sergey.  If you have not joined CTOC for the year, you can easily join between now and the next meet.  See the Membership section at: http://ctoc-boise.blogspot.com/ for details.


Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2022 Ribbon of Jewels O-Meet!  I hope to see you all out on the road less traveled soon.

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Kirsten said...

Thanks Carrie! Great course. One correction, I didn't look at the map after leaving the start! First time trying that! (I did look at one control number to ease my frayed nerves after struggling a bit with that control though.)