March 13, 2022

Unknow-O Report

The meet center was in unknown before location, as well as all controls were in unknown before places. Unknown-O started with excellent weather, albeit strong wind blowing away papers and even SI sticks. Many thanks to Cristy and Melanie for gracefully hadnling the registartion table and improvised beginner clinic. And to John for always much appreciated feedback.

Weather was sunny and smiles were wide. Here are some photos of happy starters and even happier finishers.

Many moved to higher levels of course difficulty. And this is great! Do not hesitate to learn from the best and tackle more challenging courses! Discussing and listening for after race stories is certainly a way to improve. Just remember that orienteering is a skill that is improved through the practicing. These are results of all courses, Randy and Darla Rhude and Roy and Kim Tsuda on intermediate course selected honor system thus don't have official times

Advanced (9) 6.6 km 0 m 22 C
1 Zach Clayton 51:46
2 Doug Lamott 59:42
3 Jason Russel 1:02:56
4 Merrill-Mike Bading 1:09:18
5 Melanie Wright 1:13:09
6 Torn Ford 1:19:37
7 Carrie Magnuson 1:37:15
8 Team Boyd 2:03:08
9 Jerry Stewart 2:32:14

Beginner (8) 1.9 km 0 m 8 C
1 Girls Russel 35:38
2 Peter Paradis 36:51
3 Lorelai-Aiden-Fa Wise 39:21
4 Susan-Rebekah Rhoads 40:13
5 Addison-Michael Ishmael 47:16
6 Fred-Madyson-Mac Mccarn 47:50
7 Marie-Kids Schwarzenberger 54:51
8 April-Kids DeCarlo 1:21:21

Intermediate (9) 4.2 km 0 m 16 C
1 Dusten-Heidi Thomas 46:44
2 John Murray 52:51
3 Chisty Morris 59:25
4 Michail Fragkias 1:06:04
5 Katrina-Sara Wright-Morgan 1:22:52
6 Heather-Matt Steel 1:27:49
7 Family Swan 1:32:30
8 Shravik-Annalisa Sethi-Miller 1:41:59
9 Jim Hull 1:48:26

Sport (5) 3.6 km 0 m 14 C
1 John-Eli Arambarri 46:02
2 Brett-Leslie Smith 1:25:37
3 Jacquelin-Jeremy Gaddy 1:25:51
4 Brandon Blowers 1:38:35
Patti Knutson mp

You may access splits and compare to best at Winplits link for the event.

We are finilizing details for the April meet. Tentatively it will be April 24 at Owyhees for famous Rabbit-O event. We have meets defined for the rest of the year. Meetup events are being populated with information. Access these from this page. We also posted a list of nearby large events (like PNWOF) and USA/World championships. Some of our club members are planning to travel to these and everone is encouraged to join. Nothing could substitute for new terrain, challenge, friendship and cameraderie.

Hope to see you all enjoying outdoors at our meets!


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