July 25, 2017

Idaho City Motala Saturday July 29, 2017 Update

The event is a go.  It will be 4 loops, from 1.2 - 1.5 K per loop.  You may choose to do as many or few loops as you like.  

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/M9WTncjuLpJ2
Start time: 10 am

Beginners: There is no real "beginner" course, however, I will be happy to walk a loop with anyone who wants some coaching/company. Then, if you feel up to it, you can try one on your own. The area we are navigating in is reasonably small and there are bail-outs in several directions.

If you suffer from the heat and want to start earlier, contact me and I'll see what I can work out. Same thing if you need to start a little later.

Getting there:  I went in on "Bear Run Rd" (make a right at Main St, then Right on Bear Run, then stay right at several intersections) but I think you can also get in from 21. The roads were bumpy but not impassable, though I was glad I was in a vehicle with a little clearance.

We will be using SI stations for start, loop transitions, a few "close-together" controls on the course, and finish. You will use old fashioned punches for the other controls. Please email me your SI number or intentions to rent -- melaniecwright@gmail.com.

July 12, 2017

Save the Date and RSVP! Idaho City 7/29

We are planning a 4-loop Motala in Idaho City on Saturday 7/29 with a mass start at 10am (different runners starting on different loops).

Because we are not sure how many people are likely to be available given summer schedules, we want to confirm that we have enough people to hold the meet.  Please send an email to melaniecwright@gmail.com and let me know if you have intentions to come.

July 3, 2017

Gold Rush National Meet Results

For those of you who didn't make it, here are some photos and stats from the three days of high caliber orienteering at CTOC's Gold Rush US Champs meet:

Orienteers competed from 28 states and 6 countries!
Converging orienteers for the last control on Sunday's Middle course.

Special thanks go to many of our CTOC volunteers on hand to help in a huge variety of ways, critical to making our big meet a success:
  • Course designs, map printing, setup, takedown = Sergey Velichko, Ben Brock, John Murray
  • Registrar, t-shirts, awards, RD sanity keeper = Dondi Black
  • Computer crew: for starts, finish system, results = Sergey Velichko, Ben Brock, Melanie Wright, Katrina Wright
  • Awards stickers = Melanie Wright
  • Course Marshalls = Innes Wright, Bill McKnight
  • Food, water, pop-ups, tables, setup and takedown, hauling and towing = Melanie Schuster, Greg Davidson, Andy Hill, Ben Brock, Sergey Velichko, John Murray, Bill Leahy, Doug LaMott, Caroline McNeely, Denise Lauerman, Madonna Lengerich
    • special thanks to Shu's Idaho Running Company for supplying two large extra pop-ups!
  • Start crews = Jennifer Smackey, Naomi Clayton, Bill Black, Nikki Black, Doug LaMott, Andy Hill, Madonna Lengerich
  • Communications/Ham Radio = Karin Didisse, Dan Herring (who also took photos at the finish for Long), Andy Hill
  • Pre-race prep meetings (3 of them!) = Sergey Velichko, Andy Hill, Ben Brock, Melanie Wright, Dondi Black, John Murray, Norma, Ulli Kamm
  • Port-a-pottie placement = John Murray (Thursday before meet weekend, a story unto itself that contributed to parking issues Saturday)
  • Parking (and unparking from muddy field at Trap) = Greg Davidson, Melanie Schuster, Caroline McNeely, Denise Lauerman, Doug LaMott, Bill Leahy, Madonna Lengerich
  • Rope setup and takedown across Trap Creek = John Murray
  • Control pickup = Sergey Velichko, Ben Brock, John Murray, Ole Bergset, Jerry Stewart, several other non-CTOC volunteers
  • We had a number of attending orienteers who eagerly and tirelessly helped out across the board filling gaps, even after running their course!
And yeah, I was involved one way or the other in most items above, possibly too many.  Things should get a little calmer for the rest of the year as we return to your regular Idaho programming!

Jeff Black
Meet Director

May 13, 2017

14th Annual Rabbit Creek Results

Melanie W., Leslie & Caroline, photo by Jeff

On May 7th twenty five orienteers took off at the mass start heading out in all directions. Some people were so excited to start that several dogs got left behind wondering where mom and dad went. We had a large turnout of new orienteers who stepped up to try the Intermediate course. We once again thank Bill Pilcher for hosting us at what is many peoples favorite event.

We had a true beginner out on the course, I’m glad I decided to make a Beginner map at the last minute. From the smiles on all faces at the end it looks like it went well, I think the cookie helped.

Katrina again tackled the Advanced Beginner course and came in first this year finding all controls quickly. Thomas came over from Jerome to try his first orienteering event, we hope to see him again soon.

Dondi, Alexis & Jerry, photo by Jeff

Leo & Denise plotting
Intermediate was the course of the day with thirteen attempting it. John Murray, Alexis and Innis all came in within a minute of each other for first, second and third place. John and Alexis both spent some time looking for TA, they agreed the map location was right but disagreed on the clue. Alexis was in a hurry to get back to catch the French election results, which was a relief. I was impressed to see five new orienteers clear the course within the time limit, quite a feat. There were a couple of bloody knees but all survived. David Murray came in within thirty seconds after Denise & Leo, who knows where he would have placed if he would have started on time. Jeff looked pretty sick but sucked it up and went out with Dondi & Toby and managed to get some great photographs of the day. I moved the elusive UA from last year to a location that was visible from both possible approach routes and didn’t hear about any problems with it.

Dondi, Jeff, Denise & Leo

Michael plotting his winning course
This year was Michael’s chance, his route choice panned out and he came in at first place. Doug came in with a half hour left and decided to go back out to get the last control. He chose wisely making it back before the time limit with a cleared course and second place. Bill Leahy was the only person to fall victim to the closely placed Intermediate course control PE and the Advanced course control WA. Karin and Melanie W. also tackled the large course and came in with a majority of the controls before the time limit.

Jeff’s photos have been posted to the CTOC yahoo group site at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ctoc-boise/photos/albums/1355608570
Karin & Doug, photo by Jeff

Jerry out getting PE, with the nearby WA

April 30, 2017

Rabbit Creek - run rabbit run

14th Annual Rabbit Creek

Date:  Sunday, May 7
Location:  Rabbit Creek (Murphy, ID)
Score - Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Start:  map handout 10:15am, mass start 10:30am
*Beginner & Advanced Beginner can start later if they are back by 1:30pm
Time Limit: 3 hours
Cost:  Maps $5 junior or $10 adult/team, CTOC members free

This year’s event will be a score course with four levels offered.  You can collect the controls in any order within the specified time limit (three hours). Be aware that you may not be able to collect all of the controls within the time limit so plan accordingly. You will find it is well worth your time to spend a couple of minutes analyzing the map and coming up with a plan before you take off. To discourage going over the time limit there is a large penalty for being late (10 point deduction per minute).

Since there is a mass start people should be back more or less around the same time to enjoy a potluck, bring something to share. We can also discuss planning for the quickly approaching championship meet in June.

Beginner – around 1.0km, 5 controls. A short course on flat ground near the house.
Advanced Beginner – around 2.0km, 10 controls. A larger course with some terrain features to make things more interesting but within sight of the homestead.
Intermediate – around 5.6km, 16 controls.  This course will get you out on a serious sightseeing tour without taking you out to the far corners of the course. 
Advanced - 10.4km, 26 controls. You’ll get most everywhere but not out to every corner. Once again there will be a special bonus prize for anyone who finds our camera and brings it back!

This event is in the Owyhees, land of lizards, wild horses, atv’s, barb wire, rattlesnakes, and great scenic beauty. Be prepared for possible wild weather. Pants/gaiters are recommended on the intermediate/advanced courses for brush and crossing over or under barbed wire. It’s bright out there with little shade so make sure you bring your sunscreen, a hat, and enough water/food to be out in the desert sun for three hours. Don’t forget your compass, it could actually be useful on this course. There will be two water drops on the course but you should still carry water with you in case you don’t find them. We did not see any rattlesnakes last weekend but they are out there so be watchful and listen especially around rock piles. The creek is flowing much higher this year; don’t lose a shoe in the muck. 
Given the variety of courses, the impossibility of printing maps anywhere near the area, and the desire to minimize waste, please RSVP to me no later than Thursday May 4th with your name and intended course choice (and if you want an extra map or two for a larger group.)  My email is mmschuste AT yahoo DOT com.  We will have some blank maps on hand if you don’t let us know you are coming.
Bring your event waiver prepared in advance especially if you are not a CTOC member, they can be printed from the website.

Driving directions: Rabbit Creek - Murphy
From Boise take I-84 west to Nampa (Exit 35). Turn Left and proceed to 3rd Street S (Caldwell Blvd). Turn Left on 3rd Street S (Caldwell Blvd) and proceed to 12th Ave. Turn Right on 12th Ave. Follow 12th Ave. south and it becomes Hwy 45 as it leaves Nampa city limits. Follow Hwy 45 across the Snake River. Soon after crossing the river, bear to the left and it becomes Hwy 78. Follow Hwy 78 to milepost 29. Immediately after passing the "Murphy" city limits sign turn to the Right on "Old Hwy 45" follow this for one block then continue straight and it becomes "Rabbit Creek Road". Follow Rabbit Creek Road for about 5 1/2 miles to J & S Road there is a lone mailbox. Turn Left on J & S Road and follow this road approximately 1 1/2 miles to the house and sign in area.

April 24, 2017

Make Rabbit Creek Great Again!!!

Hello all you very beautiful people, you really are, very,... very,.... great people indeed.
Its time to make Rabbit Creek great again!
{pause for applause}
We are bringing you simply the best controls ever in the Orienteering world, there have never been controls this beautiful before, ever!!
When we inherited Rabbit Creek, it was a huge disaster,... people everywhere,... even in France, were talking about what a disaster it was.
But with our Wonderful leadership,... it really is very beautiful leadership indeed... were gonna make Rabbit Creek great again!! {pause for applause}

Ok but seriously, it`s time for the 14th annual rabbit Creek run and potluck.
We are finalizing the details as we speak, but the pertinent info you need to know is as follows.
When: Sunday May 7th
Time: It’s a mass start this year, map hand out will be at 10:15, Mass start is at 10:30 Don’t be late!!!
Courses will be Beginner Intermediate, Advanced  

After the race we will be having a Pot luck and some planning, and discussion regarding the June 23-25 championships CTOC is hosting

Where: the Beautiful and Historic Rabbit Creek Ranch located outside of Murphy Idaho in Owyhee county. Plan around an hour from the freeway in Boise to get there.

Given the variety of courses, the impossibility of printing maps anywhere near the area, and the desire to minimize waste, please RSVP to me no later than Thursday May 4th   with your name and intended course choice (and if you want an extra map or two for a larger group.)  My email is mmschuste AT yahoo DOT com.  We will have some blank maps on hand if you don’t let us know you are coming.
Bring your event waiver prepared in advance especially if you are not a CTOC member, they can be printed from the website.

Final details, directions to the ranch, etc to come soon, please check back