January 29, 2022

Frozen Fort Boise, January Meet Results

There is sometimes a morally grey area when it comes to setting an orienteering course. It’s usually waded through when you have to ask yourself “should I put a control in this hospital parking lot?” (Which, to be clear, I did not.) 

I know that this meet write up comes later than it probably should have, and to all those who may be silently griping about this– thank you for staying silent. (Also CTOC is looking for meet directors so if you’d like the experience of writing your own meet results, we can make that happen.)

I do fully take the blame for these late results, though. 

Let’s reflect back on that Sunday Meet. We all braved the weather to conquer that muddy and brutal… urban sprint course, maybe it was more delightful and easily runnable? We had one of the biggest turnout of competitors for this year. (Though it was the first meet of the year.) Annual memberships were renewed, waiver forms were signed, and controls were misplaced– I’d say we had a brilliant meet. With some brilliant weather as well. 

(I am writing this in class so let me just get straight to the point):

Thanks to all who made the trip out and made that Sunday (oh so long ago) a really fantastic meet! If any of the names above are misspelled please let me know. 

I also forgot to take photos so here is a post-post meet photo (after all the controls have been picked up but before they’ve been brought back to the storage unit) with my Mom, Melanie Wright. And a photo taken by Carrie Magnison with Carrie's pupper, Sue!


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