December 18, 2021

Fairmont Motala Challenge Results

Weather was merciful to 30 or so participants who came to try new and fun area near my house. Earlier prognosis of snow turned to overcast. Freezing temperature didn't spoil the moment as I saw some steaming full speed going in and out of trickery controls. Especially those ones near fences! :) The essence of urban orienteering requires spotting traps and use of clue sheet "looking ahead" to where exactly controls are located.

Thank you Carrie for a wonderful image of one of the landmarks! Make sure you go to the photo and tag it if you see your face out there in the fields :)

Here are results:

Loop 1 - Beginner (5) 2.1 km 0 m 15 C
1 John-Eli Arambarri 25:52
2 Joshua Whiittemore 26:29
3 Jim-Synthia Byrne 41:54
4 Jennifer Nelson 44:42
5 Leigh-Sam Castillo-Smith 49:40

Loop 1-2 - Intermediate (10) 3.7 km 0 m 22 C
1 Quentin-Cutler Thomas 36:55
2 Dustin-Heidi Thomas 40:03
3 Torin Ford 47:35
4 Rebecca-Zach Tabb-Clayton 55:05
5 John-Lesli Siebol-Perez 58:12
6 Carrie Magnuson 59:53
7 Ashley-Madeline Boyd 1:02:52
8 Andy-Joslyn Olnes 1:05:20
9 Cristy-Scott Morris 1:12:20
10 Jerry Stewart 1:20:33

Loop 1-2-3 - Advanced (5) 5.3 km 0 m 30 C
1 Doug Lamott 49:22
2 Emily-Aleksi Morgan 51:37
3 Bill Leahy 53:36
4 John Murray 57:48
5 Ole Bergset 1:06:32

Let me know if I may mispelled your name. I will gladly correct.

My appologies for splits! Unfortunately they are messed so I am not publishing them. In a hurry I forgot to synchronize SI stations to my laptop so they all had 1 hours or more difference vs. start/finish stations! Still on summer time! If you are interested to get splits anyway to try and deduce times - let me know and I will send you the file directly.

We are finalizing our next year schedule. January and February meets are already defined, meetup information is being added, follow links to the right. We will add other meet's links when more details are available.

Consider joining the club. It pays, especially if you plan to participate in more than 4-5 meets. Plus it simplifies check-in procedures, you don't need to sign a wafer form at each meet. And you have a voice within the club. We always welcome new directors and volunteers who run the club. The club is you!

Hope to see you all at our meets next year enjoying outdoors, fun courses, and camaraderie.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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