September 16, 2018

CTOC September Two-Day Meet September 22-23

We have a new map. There's one major problem with it. The terrain does not support either an intermediate or beginner course. We're gonna use it anyway.  If you want to run an intermediate or beginner course, do not be dismayed. We will have a second event the next day on terrain suitable for an intermediate and beginner course. 
Those of you who are familiar with the Corrals Trail and Bob's Trail will recognize this location. The course lies almost entirely within the boundaries formed by these two Ridge to Rivers trails.  The advanced course is 6.1 kilometers on a straight line basis and has 442 meters of elevation gain.
When:  Saturday, September 22.  Starts from 9:00 - 10:00 AM.   Course closes at noon, so if you want more time you should come earlier in the window.
Saturday Location:  The Miller Gulch Trailhead lies about three miles up Bogus Basin Road. The start is in the Miller Gulch Trailhead parking lot.  This link also highlights where to park.  
Format:  Classic:  Advanced (~6.1km, ~442m climb).
When:  Sunday, September 23.  Starts from 9:00 - 10:30 AM.   Course closes at noon, so if you want more time you should come earlier in the window.
Sunday Location:   
Finish and Parking Location: Willow Creek Parking Area on Eagle Road 3.5 miles north of the Beacon Light/Eagle Road intersection. If you are logged on to Google, you can find the start on this map:
Format:  Classic:  Intermediate  (~3.8km, ~243m climb). If you are interested in a Beginner Course, please contact me by Tuesday, January 30.


Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members 
  • Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members 
  • If more than one map is needed for a team, it is +$1 per map.
  • You may join CTOC for the full year which makes all local meets free!  See member info.
RSVP:  To minimize waste, please email me (jnm2870 AT cableone DOT net) with your count and maps needed by Thursday, September 20.    If you show up off the cuff, I will probably have a few blank maps to copy a course by hand.
  • Compass!
  • Waiver, prepared in advance especially if you are not a CTOC member.
  • A suitable pack with essentials and snacks as you usually need to prepare for a day hike in the foothills.
  • Sufficient water for yourself.  
  • Sunscreen and/or hat.  This is very exposed terrain.
  • Gaitors are highly recommended as there is an abundance of very annoying squirrel tail grass.
  • Shoes for steep  terrain.  If your ankles are sensitive please prepare accordingly.
  • Cell phone. I can not vouch for coverage, so be prepared with a whistle and other fallback options.
Important notes:  
  1. There are NO restrooms in the Willow Creek parking area or on the map.  There are pit toilets at the Miller Gulch Trailhead.
  2. I don't know what the rules are for dogs, but with deer present at both venues I believe dogs must be well controlled. That might mean a leash.
  3. There are a few barbed wire fences around.  As always be alert to loose strands on the ground, and as always watch where you run and step. Hope to see you out navigating with us next weekend!
John Murray

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