August 16, 2018

Ponderosa park Aug. 12, 2018 Results

We had a nice day for orienteering at Ponderosa Park with clear skies and slightly cooler temps.  Unfortunately a house fire blocking the only route to drive into the park caused several of the competitors to have to park their cars and find their way to the meet site on foot and added about a mile each way to their workout for the day, especially Sergey who had to go back for his running shoes.  But thankfully people persisted and we had a decent turn out, including Per who found his way to our little meet while visiting from Norway.  A few huckleberries could still be found on bushes to fortify the competitors as they searched the dense undergrowth and deadfall for the illusive controls.  Control #7 on the advanced course was misplaced to the south and was visible from the south, but unfortunately not from the north.  Sergey spent a fair amount of time searching for it and found it as he was leaving the area and Andy couldn't find it when he gave it a try during control pick up.  Thank you to Per who in European fashion gave me a nice orienteering jersey from his home O-club and maps from meets in his area showing the technical terrain he's used to.  He liked the single track trails and complemented the contour mapping in Ponderosa.  Jerry brought some family members and they enjoyed the course with him.  No one signed up for the Novice course so it wasn't set.  Thanks to the Ole, Andy, Jerry, and Bob for helping with control pick up.

Adanced Course  7.5 km. 135 m. climb
Sergey Velichko                     1:50
Ole Bergset                            2:51

Intermediate Course  3.5 km  25 m. climb
Per Andersen                         0:51
Andy  Hill                             1:46
Bob Didisse (+ dog)              1:53
Jerry Stewart (+ 3 family)     2:01

Misplaced control #7 on the Advanced course

Hope to see you at the next meet!
- Karin Didisse, meet director

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