September 23, 2018

Results for July 2018 Idaho Idaho City Gold Rush Meet

Kendal, Alaina, and Norma in action at the run-in control.
I apologize for taking so long to share these results.  I will spare you the excuses. We had 4 teams compete on the 2.5 km orange course and 3 individuals competing on the 2.6 km (and technically challenging) brown course. We were happy to see some first-timers including Brian McMahan and DeEtta Petersen as a team and Jason Quinn with daughters Kendal (9) and Alaina (7). The orange course had 13 controls, 4 with time-taking and the brown course had 14 controls, 10 with time taking. Katrina Wright won the orange course with a time of 1:04:19 and John Murray won the brown course with a time of 1:39:05.  
Katrina speeding to the finish.
Orange Results
Post race snacks for Jason, Kendal, and Alaina

Thanks to Penny for keeping me company during all the pre-checking and set up, even though it was very hot and there was only one mud puddle to cool off in. Thanks to Innes, John, and Jerry for control pick up help. I think there may still be two controls out on the green course waiting to be rescued

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