February 24, 2010

BSU/Julia Davis Meet Summary
Sunday, February 21, 2010
Meet Directors: Bill and Lexy Leahy

The weather wasn’t quite as warm as the meet directors were expecting but it must have been just pleasant enough to draw a large number of racers, hikers and families.

The meet was set up as a traditional course with an advanced course, intermediate course, and a beginner course. We had no takers for the beginning course since everyone who attended had prior orienteering experience.

The advanced and intermediate courses were designed for maximum route choice decisions, especially the advanced course. Hopefully you were thusly challenged.

There was a slight twist to the meet with two bonus questions, with each correctly answered question resulting in a 10 second deduction to your final time if you were in one of the competitive categories. The two questions were: “Which control has the most Joy” and “Which control Welcomes Orienteerers”.

The “Joy” question was for control #2 on the intermediate course and #13 on the advanced course. There is a plaque at the bench with a dedication to Joy Adams the wife of a good friend of mine.

The “Welcome Orienteerers” question was a sign that my daughter, Lexy, put in her dorm room window at control # 12 on the intermediate course and #5 on the advanced course.

No one correctly answered both questions. Of the 11 people that did answer one of the questions it was about equally divided between both questions.

These question could have changed the results in the Advanced Competitive category if Doug or Ole had come up with different answer combinations (see results below). This advanced course was won by Sergey with Jeff Black close behind. The remainder of the field was pretty competitive with each other.

The bonus question did change the result in the Intermediate Competitive category where a correctly answered question gave 8 year old Peter Beckner the same finishing time as Donna Goodwin. This course was won by Jay Morgan after the benefit of running the advanced course, but he still had to make different route choices from the advanced course and he didn’t take any bonus question time deductions. Next to finish was David Bergset and Nera Suarez.

Lee Scott and Jeff Decker wore Garmin watches during their running of the advance course and were willing to share their results. Check them out to see how their route choices varied.


Thanks to my co-director, Lexy, for her help with course design, control setup, start area setup, and for her complete management of the Welcome Orienteerers sign, registration, and timing.

Thanks to Jeff Black, Jeff Decker, Ole Bergset and Erik Bergset for control pickup and helping take down the start/finish area. Thanks to Lee for help setting up the start/finish area.

Also thanks to Mike Shuman owner of Shu’s Idaho Running Company for the prizes.

Don’t miss the CTOC’s next club meet on March 20 at Veteran’s and Willow Lane Parks.

Here are the results from this meet. The times listed have any time deductions already calculated into them. Thanks to everyone for their participation and it was great to see all the families that attended.

Advanced Competitive
Sergey Velichko 40:32 (-10, for one correct bonus question)
Jeff Black 40:53 (-10)
Jay Morgan 47:15 (-10)
Lee Scott 48:25 (-10)
Doug LaMott 50:12 (-10)
Ole Bergset 50:22 (-10)
Erik Bergset 51:54 (-10)
Jeff Decker 54:58 (-10)
Greg Davidson & 57:10 (-10)
Melanie Schuster

Intermediate Competitive
Jay Morgan 23:44 (after advanced course running)
David Bergset & 34:48
Nera Suarez
Karin Didisse 39:10
Ray Honovich & 40:45
Peter Beckner 46:14 (-10)
Donna Goodwin 46:14
Aaron Tabor & 53:10 (-10)
Family (3)

Advanced Recreational
Brad Lowe Completed course, got one bonus question
Bill Pilcher Completed course

Intermediate Recreational
Dondi & Toby Completed course
Folske family (5) Partial completion of course
Dee Unofficial – took map and walked the park

* the number in parenthesis after a family name designates how many family members participated.

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