March 21, 2010

March 20 Veterans and Willow Lane Park Meet

It was a chilly but bright morning on the 20th of March. Meet director, Sergey, was up early to put up all the controls in Veteran’s Park and Willow Lane Park. Local orienteerers came on out to participate in the fun.

We had some newcomers on the beginner’s course: Scott Hensley and Erin Bulcher. They had lots of fun with a friend, Dasha Velichko, with a time of 29:15. Nicholas Byrne showed off his fast legs with an amazing time of 17:15. We can all expect much more from this competitive young man. Lee Scott and his daughter, Teagan, went out on a father-daughter run with the time of 16:15. Meade family Roy and his 2 kids tried the beginner’s course as well with time 29:31. Jay Morgan, Nikolai, and Aleksi had the time of 30:30.

We had two groups that participated in the beginners course come out and try the intermediate one as well. Nicholas and his dad had the great time of 43:50. Scott, Erin, and Dasha made a leisurely walk around the course to get used to the map and came back with the time of 1:05:22.

There were many takers on the advance course. Jeff Black had the best time of 40:42 with Lee Scott a close second with 46:46. Jay Morgan had the time of 51 minutes and Bill Leahy came back with a 53:59. Ole took the 5th spot with the time of 57:10 minutes. Brothers, Bill and Russ Pilcher, came on out and took the times of 1:24:37 and 1:46:45 respectively.

Overall it was a great run and a nice day for it. For sure people and dogs had wonderful time in the park enjoying spring weather. We thank everyone for waking up early to head on out and run with the wind. We hope that you enjoyed the courses because we sure enjoyed putting them up for you. The next meet will be April 25 at Stewart Gulch (East), directed by Lee Scot with the help from Jeff Black. Many thanks to Jeff and Bill for helping with collecting controls.

Meet Directors,
Sergey and Masha Velichko

Beginner: 1.5K, 9 controls
Nicholas Byrne 17:15
Teagan and Lee Scott 16:15
Scott Hensley, Erin Bulcher, Dasha Velichko 29:15
Roy Meade and 2 kids 29:31
Nikolai, Aleksi, and Jay Morgan 30:30

Intermediate: 3.5K, 13 controls
Nicholas and Jim Byrne 43:50
Eric, Scott, and Dasha 1:05:22

Advanced: 7K, 22 controls
Jeff Black 40:42
Lee Scott 46:46
Jay Morgan 51:00
Bill Leahy 53:59
Ole Bergset 57:10
Bill Pilcher 1:24:37
Russ Pilcher 1:46:45

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