January 30, 2023

2023 Ribbon of Jewels O-Meet Report

For our January O-Meet write up I am going to keep it short and sweet. This was a great showing for the City of Trees Orienteering Club's first meet of 2023. Below are some data points, acknowledgements, and the Ribbon of Jewels Score-O results: 

50+ - Total meet participants 
25 - CTOC members signed up for our 2023 season
10 - Approx. # of 1st time orienteers 
4 - Age of youngest participant 
1 - Avocado found on the course

Thank you to the following individuals who supported me as Meet Director: 
Sergey - OCAD 8 consultant and map printer, plus 75% control collection post-event 
Melanie - Registration table pinch hitter as I was running behind schedule setting up the final controls
Vicki - Wonderful companion to traipse along the Greenbelt with at the crack of dawn and provided the refreshments at the registration table
Aubrey and Terra - 25% control collection and great friends to crack a cold one with post-event 

Thank you to everyone for showing up, celebrating the great outdoors, and sharing in this unique sport!  Our next meet is slated for February 12th south of Bruneau at Black Rock Canyon.  You can find all meet info for the year via the Meetup app under City of Trees Orienteering Club.  

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