December 11, 2022

Not so Frozen Fort Boise

Early morning while setting controls, a strong gust of wind sailed me across the patch of ice covering some of trails on the ridge. Uh-huh! - I thought - that would be tough and challenging for advanced participants. Not only find those orange flags but also firmly stay on feet while crossing these icy patches and also going down one very steep particular slope. Behold, time came and couple first people appeared at the meet center set in the Memorial park. Thank you Kevin and Jon for helping to set the place and much needed canopies! And than the crowd was non stop untill all scattered across urban and bottom foothill area of the Fort Boise. Our old SI punching stations failed the night before thus we resolved to use old and trusted pin punching that worked, as always, marvelously. Few newcomers went to try Sport course after finishing successfully their first orienteering course. I think some even may be ready to try next time our intermediate version in an urban park.

Intermadiate course saw most of the competition with Eric posting the best time while Kirstin did it fully on memory. On advanced course it was very nice to see Jeff coming back for some grass and dirt running and competing with Doug for the first spot. As we didn't keep seconds and rounded to minutes, both posted same time a littly bit over one hour. Isaac and Jamison warmed up on the beginner course and successfully finished the advanced course with very respectful time.

Some happy finishers!


Beginner 2 km, 10 controls
Dipesh Patel 0:28
Isaac & Jamison 0:33
Dave & Sean 0:46
Kevin Mcdowell 1:09
Jon Favey 1:09

Sport 3.6 km, 14 controls, 30 m climb
Dipesh Patel 0:47
John & Eli Arambarri 0:47
Cat Stauffer 0:56
Dave Byrd 0:58
Dave & Sean dnf

Intermediate 4.2 km, 17 controls, 60 m climb
Eric Thomson 0:31
Kirstin Severud 0:36
Innes Wright 0:47
John Murray 0:51
Torin & Jackson 0:51
Karin Didisse 0:58
Andrey & Jonah 1:19
Jerry Stewart 1:33
Heather, Matt, Namey 1:37
Scott & Christy 1:39
Roy Tsuda dnf

Advanced 5.7 km, 22 controls, 110 m climb
Jeff Black 1:04
Doug Lamott 1:04
Dustin & Heidi 1:24
Melanie Wright 1:34
Isaac & Jamison 1:55
Ashley Boyd dnf

See you out there in the wilderness and urban parks enjoying outdoors! Next year schedule of events is being finilized. Some already published at our ctoc-boise site. Expect at least one meet per month.


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