January 3, 2020

Columbia Village Meet Results

As a first time meet director, of a minimal age, the raised eyebrows I received when runners learned I made the course... well, they made my day.  In all seriousness I hope everyone who came out stayed warm and patient as I tried to shove maps into plastic covers with gloves on that were about three sizes too big.

Many may be wondering why this result write up took almost a month to complete, I'd like to say that it was because I wanted to be the first person to post in the new year. Or  because I wanted to say, "Don't worry Mom I'll do it next year!" But in reality, I've been semi-comatose since finals and anything I would've written before would have been incomprehensible.

For the 8 people who did come out to the meet (thank you by the way) here are the results:

Advanced Course

  1. Doug LoMott   1:00
  2. Jay Morgan      1:03
  3. Innes Wright    1:06
Intermediate Course
  1. John Murray                                  0:40
  2. Norma Bailey                                  1:35
  3. Heather Steele (and company)   1:48
Unfortunately no photos, as that would've required removing my gloves, and it was just too cold! 

Thanks for coming out!

Turns out Mom took a couple of photos:

Doug LaMott, feeling good.

Innes Wright, feeling something else.

(Added by Melanie).

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innes wright said...

Thanks for the write up and setting the course..is that the best photo you could find. Dad.