December 16, 2018

December 16 Willow Lane meet results

Brave enthusiasts gathered Sunday in the Willow Lane park to sample winter orienteering in spite of some snow and ice covering grounds. Results as following:

Local meet at Willow Lane park 12-16-18Sun 12/16/2018 7:18 PM
Resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2015

Beginner (1)1.6 km 0 m7 C
14Trenton YatesBeginner25:56
Loop 1 (5)2.5 km 0 m8 C
110Zach Clayton 2loop120:59
211Mike Bading 2loop121:08
35Melanie Wright 2loop125:39
46John Murray 2loop127:39
58Trenton-Miguel Yatesloop153:14
Loop 2 (5)3.9 km 0 m8 C

17Mike BadingIntermediate28:29
29Zach ClaytonIntermediate31:01
33Melanie WrightIntermediate44:01
42John MurrayIntermediate44:12
51Jerry StewartIntermediate2:00:37

Overalls for 2 loop motala (Loop 2 + Loop 1)
1Mike BadingIntermediate49:37
Zach ClaytonIntermediate52:00
Melanie WrightIntermediate69:40
John MurrayIntermediate71:51

Splits may be accessed at Winsplis in here

We will publish our next year preliminary schedule in few days. Stay tuned! It appears that our next January meet may be at Bogus Basin Nordic Center for some snowshoe and ski - O!

Sergey Velichko

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