July 6, 2018

Idaho City, Sunday July 15

Photo credit: Ellen Crosby
Our next meet will be Sunday July 15 in Idaho City. The meet start and finish is about 2.5 miles north of Idaho city right off Highway 21. I will be setting middle distance courses from the Gold Rush 2015 National Meet. Preliminary plans are for:
  • Yellow (Beginner, 2.3K, 120m climb)
  • Orange (Advanced beginner, 2.3K, 120m)
  • Brown (Advanced, 2.6K, 150m)
  • Green (Advanced, 3K, 150m)
The area involves technical terrain with interesting features due to hydromining during the Gold Rush. I have not yet field-checked for changes in terrain from when the map and courses were generated in 2015 so there could be last minute changes later next week based on that.

I am trying to manage my workload so I would greatly appreciated if you would RSVP and let me know if you are planning to come and what course you will run.  I may drop any of the above courses if I don't get any requests to run that course (eg, choose only one of yellow/orange or only one of brown/green). I could also add a longer course if I do get requests for one.

The yellow course is an excellent choice for anyone new to forest orienteering. The orange course will be a nice step up from that and a little bit of a challenge, but still stays close to trails to help with error correction. 

Early weather forecast looks pretty good, highs around 90 with a bit of cloud cover, so I will probably have starts from 10am to Noon. If it looks like it will be much hotter than that, I'll try to have things ready earlier in the morning.

RSVP by Wed 7/11 if you want to weigh in on course choice. melaniecwright AT gmail dot com.  Or on our Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/202124627116450/?active_tab=about  (add a comment to indicate preferred course). 

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