July 12, 2018

Idaho City Meet, Sunday July 15, 2018 9am and later starts

Where: Granite Creek Recreation area. ID-21 and Forest Rd 314C.
From Boise, take Hwy 21 N to Idaho City. Go about 2 miles and look for parking on the left. The dirt area is blocked off with posts to the North, so keep an eye out for the CTOC sign and be ready to turn left into parking at the South end of the parking area.

When:  Sunday, July 15, starts from 9am - 11am
It is going to be hotter than I'd hoped, so I will be ready for starts as early as 9am.

  • Orange (Advanced beginner, 2.3K, 120m)
  • Brown (Advanced, 2.6K, 150m)
  • Green (Advanced, 3K, 150m)
There is a 750m long/90m climb from the meet center/finish to the start. A yellow course can be set on request (email me ASAP if you are interested). 

What to bring/wear:
  • Compass
  • Brown and green courses involve steep, slick (pine needles on top of sand on steep slopes) travel. Wear appropriate boots or off trail shoes.  Long pants or gators are recommended. Orange requires some off trail travel.  
  • There were biting flies when I was out there this week. Come early, consider long sleeves, and/or bug spray. 
  • Although it is wooded, there is still significant sun exposure.
  • See links for membership info and fees. We will be using SI kit for start/finish and some controls.
  • I will place water at one or two controls, but you may want to bring some you can carry with you as well.
  • There are plenty of maps left over from 2015 meet so come on out even if you haven't already RSVP'd. These are fun courses on a great map and interesting terrain!

Hope to see you Sunday morning!

Melanie Wright (melaniecwright AT gmail dot com)

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