June 12, 2018

Saturday June 30 Meet at Dutch Lake Stanley, ID

Our next meet will take place Saturday June 30 near Stanley, ID. 

This will be re-run of our advanced middle courses set during 2017 USA Championships that our club hosted last summer. Brown, Green. Red, and Blue advanced courses will be offered. Beginner courses will not be offered but beginners will be allowed on a course accompanied by an experienced orienteerer. Maps for White,Yellow,and Orange courses will be available but we will only put tapes at the beginner control locations. So it will be self-served no time taken beginner course offerings. More information and directions to the meet center are available in this bulletin (see information for Sunday June 25 Dutch Lake middle event)

General link to 2017 USA Championships with more information and results is available at

Starts will be open 10am to 12 noon on Saturday. Walk from the finish areas and meet center to the start will involve about 50m steep climb. We will use SI electronic punching system to cover majority of controls so some split time will be available.

Please RSVP directly to me at savelichko at yahoo dot com to indicate what course you may be exploring. You may explore multiple courses time permitting. 

Water, light snacks, first aid kit, compasses, and SI sticks will be available at the center. Later two may be rented at some nominal charge.

Hope to see many of you enjoying outdoors!

Sergey Velichko

P.S. Given enough interest we may explore a training session on Sunday same weekend on our second Trap Creek map in the area. Please send to me an indication if you might be interested.