June 9, 2018

2018 CTOC Rabbit Creek Meet Results

Having decided to take on the role of race director in my first “real” orienteering meet (the Boise Street Challenge doesn’t count since there are no actual controls are placed), I must start off by giving thanks to a few people: 

Bill and Dee Pilcher – Thanks again for your willingness to hold this event at your wonderful property for all these years.  You always have shown the club great hospitality and kindness.

Sergey Velichko – Thanks for your time and efforts showing me how to use OCAD8 and the new SI Timing system software.

All Past Rabbit Creek Race Directors – After having competed in several past held Rabbit Creek orienteering meets over the past 12 years, I now have a whole new appreciation of how much work it is to design, field check, and setup/tear down the course in an area as rugged and wide open as the Owyhee Mountains.

Finally, I really appreciated all the help I received from the participants at the meet.
Sincerely - Michael Bading (Rabbit Creek meet director).

There were 3 levels of traditional classic orienteering courses offered: Advanced Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, and an Advanced Course.

This year’s Rabbit creek event/courses had 2 changes from past years events:
- Every competitor would have to start and complete the Beginner Course up to control 7, before starting on their respective course, Intermediate or Advanced.
- This year was the first time using the SI timing system at Rabbit Creek, so we also would have all leg times for each competitor, including each person’s Beginner Course time.

Race Day - Starts
The race day weather was perfect in the morning, partly cloudy, not too warm and not too cold.  The weather forecast for the Murphy area called for afternoon thunderstorms, but from the Rabbit Creek farm, it didn’t seem like there were any storms heading our way and we were hoping that if they did come, it would be in the late afternoon.

Racers started showing up just be for 9 AM and everyone seemed excited for another day of orienteering challenges and the beauty Rabbit Creek has to offer.

The first competitor out of the gate and on to the intermediate course was John Murray, who left with a determined look on his face to do well.  After John, it was the team of Norma Bailey and Bonnie Coiner that decided to take a more leisurely approach to the intermediate course, hiking it at their own pace.

Next up was Jay Morgan, the first competitor on the advanced course, followed 9 minutes later by Doug LaMott (also on the advanced course), who started out strong and looked as if he might chase Jay and give him a run for his money.

Jerry Stewart, Bill Pilcher, David Murray (aptly sporting a very stylish blue CTOC club jersey) all started out on the intermediate course over the next 15 minutes.  Now there were plenty of competitors out all the courses across the dry and challenging terrain.

Starting next and new to the Rabbit Creek meet was the team of Kara Steele and Roxanna Strong. They decided on hiking the beginner course, which was challenging enough.  Unlike our standard beginner courses at one of the club’s urban meets, the beginner course was complete with a natural sage brush maze, a short steep hike and a couple of carefully placed controls that were not able to be seen from a distance due to foliage.

Rounding out the last two entries for the 2018 CTOC Rabbit Creek meet, were the teams of Katrina Wright / Lou VanderWyk on the intermediate course and Melanie Wright  / Innes Wright on the advanced course.

Race Day - Finishes
Once all the competitors were out on course, the only thing left for the race director to do was hang out in the great weather and wait for the racers to come back, right?  Wrong.  As the last racers went out on course, the weather to the south was looking increasingly dark.   I was hoping that the weather would hold off until after the meet was finished and all of the racers were off course.  While we were still enjoying great weather for the time being, it was clear we should be getting ready for a storm coming in.  Thankfully, the Pilchers’ house at Rabbit Creek has a great covered deck! So soon after the first racers came in, the next hour was spent relocating the entire race HQ and SI timing system to the porch.

Starting out first has its advantages, so John Murray was also the first competitor to come in (well ahead of the encroaching storm).  Coming down the steep terrain from Control 46 at a fairly fast pace, you could see his determination had not faded. He made very good time on the intermediate course at just over an hour and half.  Smiling, but tired, John looked like he had a great time.

Soon after, the team of  team of Norma Bailey and Bonnie Coiner came strolling in, deciding not to finish the intermediate course after completing the beginner course and a few controls on the intermediate course (and wisely skipping the one big climb on that course).

Also strolling at that time in was the team of Kara Steele and Roxanna Strong.  Since this was their first time not only at Rabbit Creek, but also using a more advanced topographical map than most urban meets do, they really enjoyed trekking around the Rabbit Creek farm on the beginner course and appeared to have a lot of fun.  We hope to see them again in the future at more upcoming CTOC meets.

David Murray came in and was just happy that he beat his dad by just under 10 minutes on the intermediate course. However, given the age difference, it could be legitimately argued that John performed very well against both David and father time at the meet.

Jay Morgan was the first advanced course competitor to come in and he had a story to tell.  Although Jay had left 9 minutes before Doug LaMott, it appears that Doug had been slowly catching up to Jay until Control 39.  Control 39 was set in a steep re-entrant with a split, and was also located very close to 2 parallel erosion ditches, so a competitor would have to look closely at the map to see where Control 39 was located.  Jay found Control 39, but also heard Doug coming, so he quickly moved away from the control.  Upon seeing Doug, Jay pulled off a believable acting performance by pretending he had not found Control 39 yet and appeared to still be looking for the control.  Once Doug was out of site, Jay took quickly took off for Control 40 and left Doug looking for Control 39 by himself.  After I spoke with Doug after the meet, he confirmed that he thought Jay had not yet found Control 39.  So by orienteering standards, Jay’s performance was worthy of an Oscar (or at least a Golden Globe).

Soon after Jay arrived, Bill Pilcher also came in from completing the intermediate course, and just in time - the weather finally changed to rain.  At first it was just a little rain, but it didn’t take long for it to be a fully fledged downpour.  Team Wright (Melanie and Innes) came in just before the rain turned to the downpour.  Looking a little worn from their fast pace, Melanie mentioned that she probably raced faster trying to keep up with Innes than she would have done by herself. She also said that having a team where there are two sets of eyes on the map and looking for controls really helped with their navigation.

After 30 minutes of steady rain, Doug, the last competitor on the advanced course came in.   It seemed the first half of his race went very well until he got to Control 39.  He then had to make several searches and attempts before he finally found Control 39, but by then, Jay was long gone.

The last person still left on the course was Jerry Stewart.  The rain was now really coming down and thunder was rumbling, so everyone was getting a little concerned since Jerry had not been seen for over 3 hours.  Both John and Bill went out in their cars to start searching for Jerry and to see if he was possibly walking back to the farm on the road.  About 10 minutes after the search parties went out, through the sheets of rain and thunder, Jerry could be seen coming down the last steep incline back to the farm.  Showing that persistence does pay off, Jerry indeed completed the entire intermediate course, despite the challenging weather conditions.  After drying off and getting some food, Jerry mentioned that after the rain got heavy, he wasn’t really looking to complete the course and was planning to skip the last control (Control 46), when he found it on his way back to the farm.

With everyone back and accounted for, the potluck had already began and was already in full swing. Under the safety and comfort of a nice dry porch with plenty of food and drink, everyone enjoyed the post-race potluck with pizza, beer, salad and plenty of side dishes and snacks.   Another great CTOC Rabbit Creek meet was now complete and was followed by stories of fun and adventure.

Results are listed below by course.   All racers are listed on the beginner course, which for intermediate and advanced competitors would be your first split time.

 Split times can be viewed/ downloaded from the following link:

All Beginner Course Times

1. Doug LaMott                                                 0:17:17
2. Melanie Wright/ Innes Wright                 0:18:55
3. David Murray                                               0:19:16
4. Jay Morgan                                                   0:19:53
5. Bill Pilcher                                                     0:25:03
6. John Murray                                                 0:25:23
7. Katrina Wright/ Lou VanderWyk             0:34:49
8. Jerry Stewart                                                0:38:40
9. Normal Bailey/ Bonnie Coiner                  1:00:11
10. Kara Steele / Roxanna Strong                  (no time - approx 1 hour)

Intermediate Course Results

1. David Murray                                               1:23:04
2. John Murray                                                1:32:49
3. Bill Pilcher                                                    2:20:29
4. Jerry Stewart                                                3:43:46
Katrina Wright/ Lou VanderWyk                DNF
Normal Bailey/ Bonnie Coiner                     DNF

Advanced Course Results

1. Jay Morgan                                                   2:22:17
2. Melanie Wright/ Innes Wright                2:42:35
3. Doug LaMott                                                3:12:54

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