March 6, 2017

Inaugural E-Punch Meet at Riverstone Results

First and foremost, special thanks go out to my fantastic maze setters: Innes and Katrina Wright, who spent their Friday evening freezing their fingers to set up the maze.  And to Ben, Sergey, Jeff, and Mike for set up and clean up help.  Thanks to Riverstone for the warm meet center!

Printed splits! John Murray, Alden Koenig, and Sergey Velichko
It was an excellent turnout: seventeen competitors showed up to try out our new e-punch system. Ten competed in the long course and 7 in the short course.  The weather was cold and sunny.  Access to the Riverstone gym with a view of the Maze-O allowed us to stay comfortable and still keep an eye on the action.  A fast course kept runners warm while they were out there. 

Max Cole hitting the corners with speed
To declare a maze champion, I combined the times of Maze 1 (2 in the short course) and 3 (1 in the short course), so that we could group all the competitors together into a single competition.  The results are shown in the table below.  Mike Bading took the maze award, although hitting the maze so fast cost him in the overall course because he mis-punched in the second maze. Sergey Velichko was the top competitor if you were to combine all three mazes, with Todd Dinkelman right behind him.  Among our student and short course competitors, Alden Koenig took the win, followed by Max Cole in second and Katrina Wright in third.

Finding their way without running anyone over: Norma Bailey, Jerry Stewart, and Ole Bergset. 

Jeff Black and Anton Kuzmin in the maze.
The short course was a total of 1.5km with 16 controls, including two trips through the maze (6 controls outside of the maze). Alden Koenig and Max Cole competed from the Riverstone team along with veterans John Murray, Katrina Wright, and Norma Bailey.  We were happy to see Riverstone supporter Jennifer Smackey come out and try her hand. Alden took first place, with John Murray in #2 and Max Cole right behind John for 3rd.  Katrina had a great run leading the ladies and taking 4th overall. Results are below. The blog format makes it tough to show all splits and still have sufficient resolution to read - if you want to see the full splits, let me know. We'll be trying to post to WinSplits.

The long course totaled 3.6 km with 28 controls including three trips through the maze (13 outside the maze with 2 controls that were repeated on 2 of the loops).  Many CTOC veterans came out for the event along with two Riverstone students, Alexis Coussa-Cario and Anton Kuzmin.  Todd Dinkelman was the winner clocking a very fast time of 20:45. Ben Brock took 2nd and Sergey Velichko was just 32 seconds behind Ben in 3rd.  We, unfortunately had 2 dnfs.  Michael Bading, who came in with a time that was only 17 seconds behind Sergey, mis-punched in his second loop of the maze. Anton Kuzmin mis-understood the maps and, although he hit all the controls, visited them out of order. Results are shown in the table below.

Alexis Cousa-Cario took on the long course.

Melanie W and Sergey excited about first prints from the SI system!
Hope to see you in March!  

Race Director,
Melanie Wright

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