February 21, 2017

Micro maze plus one-man (or more) relay at Riverstone with tech!

Come out for our inaugural electronic punch meet! We're using ALL the capabilities of the new system, with every one one of our card readers in play and nearly maxing out the number of controls our sticks can hold. We've planned a course that would be nearly impossible to check manually.

If you don't know what an orienteering maze looks like, check it out here. (Ours will be a little smaller).

We have a longish and short course. The long course will be a trip through the maze plus a (mostly) urban loop, repeated 3 times with 3 different maze courses and 3 different short loops. The loops are 1.2, 1.1, and 1.3K long with 4-5 controls on each. You can run it doing all 3 loops yourself or as a team, doing handoffs at the maze entrance.

If you prefer a shorter or easier course and don't have a relay team, we also have 2 mini loops, which use 2 of the maze courses and 2 3-control loops. It's yellow (advanced beginner) difficulty, but also should be a fun sprint for more advanced navigators.

Even though it is urban terrain with lots of features to assist your navigation, the shear number of punches and distractions is going to mean that you have to maintain your focus to avoid a mispunch! The art will be balancing speed on this fast course with the need for attention to detail.

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2017
Start times: 11am-Noon, individual starts
Format: One (or more) man-relay plus maze (3 loops)
Time limit: All in by 2pm
Start Location: Riverstone gym, turn right on Lysted Ave, just before the main school building. The gym is the last building on the left, next to the tennis courts.
Bring: compass and SI sticks/cards; we have sticks available for those who don't have any
Cost:  $10 adult, $5 junior for one day club dues.  You can also buy a club membership pro-rated for February ($42 individual/$60 family). $2 for SI stick rental. 

We will declare winners for the full course in the individual and team categories. We will also add up the maze performances to declare a maze winner separate from the full course, so all you quick turning, quick witted sprinters, bring your game.

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