November 1, 2015

October aMAZEing Results

This year’s October meet was an experiment. Difficulties in finding a place to put on a night event prompted us to try something a bit different. Some club veterans were a bit skeptical and thought it might be a bit corny. From the enthusiastic response from those who made it out I think it went amazingly well.  


We ended up with forty eight orienteers tackling the course. Thirteen took on the short course of six controls. One boy scout troop split up into three teams to take on the course. One of their teams came back in just over half an hour finishing in first place; another team came in third place and one team may still be out there. Niko and Ryan with Riverstone School finished just over a minute after the first team to claim second place. Ellie & Kate finished in fourth place with five controls found and some time to spare. It is always a very tough choice to decide if you can go for one more control of it that will put you over the time penalty. 

The long course with twelve controls was the dominate choice of the night. Taking on the long course meant you had to enter two different mazes and find your way out. We were not quite sure how hard it was going to be, would it be way too short or too long? Only one team went over the one hour time limit, but just by little. Everyone did a great job on judging time and strategy. Of the thirty five orienteers who attempted the long course fourteen cleared the course within the time limit. Todd Dinkleman cleared the course in a super-fast thirty two minutes coming in with first place. Ben Brock came in at second place with a time of 42:17. Annika Landis from the Community School finished in third place with plenty of time to spare. Regan Zhang from Riverstone School finished in fourth place. Kiran, Henry and Keene started slightly apart but joined up out on the course to all came in together, placing them at fifth, sixth and eight. John Murray and Jeff Black our CTOC veterans came in seventh and ninth place under a minute apart. The team of Heather, Tavi, Asa, Naia & Carl also cleared the whole course finishing in tenth place, a great feat for a large team.
Michael Badding came in with eleven controls and four minutes to spare, I’m sure he is wondering if he could have sneaked in that one last control without going over. Karin Didisse came in at twelfth place with ten controls and plenty of time to spare, she had a Football game to see, ”typical woman, leaving early just to watch the game”. Katrina & Melanie Wright win the costume contest and looked like they had a great time coming in with nine controls in thirteenth place. Kennedy, Katherine & Addie came in with ten controls finishing in fourteenth place because they went slightly over the time limit. Three teams all came in with eight controls just making the time limit. The Morgan family split into two teams and looked like they had a good time.

If having a good time is what it’s all about I think this event was a big success. Everyone, old and new seemed very enthusiastic about this unique location. I want to thank Linder Farms for having us. I also want to note that this is one more event where our younger orienteers from both Riverstone and Community School are consistently rising higher and higher in the rankings, great job! 

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