December 11, 2014

Next Up: Back to Basics with Classic Courses at Riverstone!

On the heels of November's long distance Street Challenge, the December CTOC event will get back to basics with Classic Courses in SE Boise.

The 1:5000 map will feature a Beginner Course (~2.5km), Intermediate Course (~6km), and Advanced Course (Motala Course with 2 loops totaling ~10km).

After being unveiled last year the Riverstone/EastJH/Mill District map has expanded in the direction of Barber Park, thanks to the mapping efforts of Riverstone Orienteering Club students.

Date:  Saturday, December 13
Time:  Registration opens 10:30am (each participant is required to fill out a form).  Courses open for starts between 11:00 and 12:30.  Courses close at 2:00.
Start/Finish Location: Riverstone International School Gymnasium.  Riverstone is located at 5521 Warm Springs Ave.  The Gymnasium is best accessed via Lysted Rd, West of the campus.  Look for the CTOC Orienteering signs!
Classes:  Beginner (~2.5km), Intermediate (~6km), Advanced (~10km)
Cost:  $5 per map, free to CTOC members.

What to bring:  Athletic clothing/shoes appropriate for the weather for a few hours outside, water as needed while on the course, cell phone for emergencies, compass to keep your map oriented (we have some for rental at nominal $1 fee).

Riverstone students will be on hand to provide instruction to first-timers and will even do walk-throughs on the beginning course with younger orienteerers to make sure they have a great time!  

Bonus for last month's Street Challenge participants....some of the Street Challenge controls that no one was able to visit just might pop up again!  This will be a great way to add to your score from last month!

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