December 6, 2014

2014 Boise Street Challenge Report

This year Boise Street Challenge turned to be the most challenging not only because of the weather pushed it one week later or because the weather again sweetened the day with 10 minutes of pouring rain followed by 5 minutes of hail right before the finish expiration time. It was, indeed, very challenging this year to collect most points from 40 controls spread across vast territories of East Boise with all the canals, cliffs, bridges, and the river added to the mix. With 1000 points maximum, the best score for bike division was 690 (Michael Bading) and for foot division 680 points (Ben Brock).

Both Michael Bading and Doug LaMott on bikes logged close to 26 miles while best runners did closer to 26 kilometers.

All started with a group photo and smiles

Strategic planning took some thinking.

But, of course, even before the planning begins, for such endurance fun, first thing is proper fueling for the race. A traditional offer of braunschweiger was for some reason rejected, however, turned to be a favorite AFTER the race. On the other hand. Reese's and KitKats were favorites BEFORE the race. Just an advice from the seasoned pro is to reverse this order for best results!

Some action during the race:
Nikolai, Aleksi, adn Emily at red slides of control 3.

John at control 5 counting mail boxes.

Andrea and Todd closing onto control 8 with "starry lights"

Mike is always prepared for bike-O! (courtesy of Jeff Black)

Chain art of control 33 at Bown's X-ing (courtesy of Jeff Black)
Doug finished in style

Mike is spurting to the finish
Ben the winner
John is flying
Winners of bike division
Winners of kids division

All finished with a group photo and smiles again


  Division Time Points Overtime Total
Michael Bading bike 2:44:08 730 -40 690
Doug LaMott bike 2:35:45 610 -20 590
Nikolai, Aleksi, kids 2:38:48 120   120
Emily Morgan          
Beatrice Tornaghi juniors 3:05:55 490   490
Owen Zhang juniors        
Ben Brock   2:58:51 680   680
Jay Morgan    3:02:55 660   660
Jeff Black   3:07:01 600 -10 590
John Murray   3:02:23 330   330
Andrea Brooks          
Todd Dinhelman   1:08:00 100   100

Jeff was the only one who collected all 40 pointers (400 from his 600 points)! His route and more photos are available here!

I hope to see you all out in the nature during our next meet at the Riverstone School December 13!

Next year schedule of events will be published soon. It includes traditional favorites and new twists plus a national meet right here on our turf!

Sergey Velichko

P.S. Some people missed the meet due to flat tires (Melanie I saw you) or some prior commitments. If you would like to try the Challenge - I saved couple maps with question sheets. Contact me.
P.P.S. If this is your compass - I have it! Let me know.

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