August 4, 2013

Upcoming meet info: Herrick Hills Sunday August 25

Herrick Hills Sunday August 25
Located north of Boise on Hwy. 55 between Smith's Ferry and Clear Creek (Cascade), Starts 11-1pm

Where: Hwy. 55 between Milepost 105 and 106, East side

Herrick Hills Subdivision
 Lovely hilly wooded terrain that has been thinned and prepared for sale. There will be three courses: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced. The map is still in development and hasn't been thoroughly field checked, but the 5m. contours provided by the surveyor are excellent. There are interesting rock outcrops, mountain meadows, marshes and small streams. Footing can be a bit tricky, but there is very little brush. Lower leg protection is recommended for the int. and adv. courses because of deadfall and low shrubs.

Hope to see you there! Karin Didisse, Meet Director (208)315-4826

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