June 10, 2013

Time for the Gold Rush!

Just a reminder, it’s time for the annual Idaho City Gold Rush – this upcoming Saturday, June 15th!   Start times will be from 11-1, but, given the current forecast I would recommend getting there as early as possible – the woods warm up quickly!   Format will be “classic” orienteering, with the usual Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced courses (at 8.5km, the Advanced course is a bit short, but it still has 20 controls of orienteering goodness).

Courses are set, maps are being printed, and I’ve been doing my “no sheep” dance (although the woolly locusts have been spotted at various locations on the map).  The woods are green and beautiful, and flowers are in abundance.   Come on up and enjoy!

Start will be about two and a half miles up Bear Run Road (note: this is not the start area by Highway 21).   From Hwy 21 in Idaho City, turn left on Main Street, go three blocks, turn right on Bear Run Road, and follow the road to the meet site.   Leave the sports cars at home – there’s a few ruts and potholes along the way.

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Greg D said...

We had a great time at this event, is it possible to post the results?
Thanks again
Greg D