June 25, 2013

Redefining Downhill at Bogus Basin -- Saturday, July 20 -- Downhill Course on an Expanded Map

Join us for our second orienteering adventure at Bogus Basin. This year's Bogus Basin Meet features all downhill courses on an expanded map. Well, if you are an advanced orienteer you might find a little uphill, but not very much. Advanced and intermediate orienteers will encounter obstacles and terrain where the best route choice will call for some uphill travel instead of following the contours. 

All three courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) begin in the southwest corner of the Pioneer Lodge parking lot, the same location as last year. The finish will be at the Nordic Lodge. That's a net drop of more than 150 meters. Please consider volunteering before or after your run to help shuttle participants to the start.

The map includes most of Bitterroot Basin, all of the terrain serviced by the Morning Star (#2).  This location provides a mix of timber, meadows, and various other vegetation on mountainous terrain familiar to Alpine skiers. If you plan to tackle either the intermediate or advanced course, be sure to bring gaiters or some other protection for your legs. Bogus Basin has brush. Full leg cover will prevent a lot of otherwise difficult to avoid scratches or worse. Also, because cut branches on the ground often make the footing unstable, you should bring sturdy shoes and good judgment about when to be cautious.

The advanced and intermediate courses are shorter than our usual offerings. Nevertheless, we are estimating best performances on both the advanced and intermediate courses to be around 90 minutes. The beginners’ course is truly downhill on two-tracks and trails. At 2.06K it’s a little longer than the typical beginners’ course.

Who: Orienteers of all ages and abilities (beginners to advanced)

When: Saturday, July 20. Registration begins at 9:30am and continues to 12. Courses will be open for starts from 10 am – 12. Courses close at 2 pm. You may arrive within this window to try a course, as participants start separately a few minutes apart.

Finish and Parking Location: Nordic Lodge parking lot.  

Restrooms available at the Simplot Lodge.
 Format: Classic

Entry fees: $5.00 per map for non-members (individual or group). Free to members of the City of Trees Orienteering Club.

You may want to bring: a watch, a compass, a snack, a whistle and a cell phone. (Some compasses will be available to borrow)

Directors: Sergey Velichko/John Murray

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