May 25, 2013

Rabbit Creek-O 2013 Results

Many of our regulars didn't make it to Rabbit Creek this year, but we still had a great meet and a good turnout to tackle the new format on the advanced course. This year the course was run on the traditional 1:10,000 map but 30 controls were placed throughout the course and it was up to the competitor to choose their own route. There was 1 point per control. Three hours was allowed. Over three hours was a disqualification resulting in 0 pts.

Advanced Course
Twelve runners attempted the advanced course but only two were able to get all 30 controls in the time allotted.
John Murray      2:42
Ole Bergset      2:47
Michael Bading and Merrill Hayden  2:51
Russ Pilcher    2:59
Greg Davidson  2:53
Tim Birch and Christine Kollar 3:00
Brad Mcintosh and Jereme Richardson 3:00
Melanie Schuster 2:41
Kerry Davis  2:20
Ian Mulleus  2:13
Beginner Course
Camden and Nicole with Jeff Mulleus tackled the course in 45 minutes.
Michael and Caelin Judd also made it through the course in 45 minutes!
Britany Lau and Niki Elings strolled unofficially through the course while carrying their Blue Moons without spilling a drop!
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Race Director Bill Pilcher

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