May 15, 2013

10th Annual Rabbit Creek-O Run!

10th Annual Rabbit Creek-O Run
May 19th 2013
Murphy, ID
11:00AM first starts
This years Orienteering meet at Rabbit Creek will be
 using a fresh new format:
The advanced course is a 
hybrid of a classic course and a score-o
There are 30 controls placed on the 1:10,000 scale map
Three hours will be the time limit
One point per control--Maximum Score = 30
Over 3 hours is a DQ (Score =0)

I expect many advanced orienteers will be able to get all the controls in under 3 hours
therefore the time on the course will be the tie-breaker
Starts will be staggered as in a classic course

You plan your own custom route
Take the controls in any order you choose as in a score-O
Traditional Intermediate and Beginner courses will be available in a classic format
Just like Rabbit Creek-O's
early years
We will be serving tacos, beer and gatorade after the meet!
(while supplies last!)
Bring chairs, extra drinks, and snacks if you like

Meet Director Bill Pilcher

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