May 26, 2013

U.S. Championships: Congratulations to Sergey!

Congratulations go to Sergey Velichko who won some heavy metal at the U.S Championships in the Adirondacks.  He took silver with third in the Sprint (M45+ class) with a time of 15:48,  and an amazing first place gold in the Long (M45+ class) with a time of 1:25:53!  He also took fifth in the middle distance with a time of 45:13.  In this class there is no lack of competition to be had, and so we can certainly be pleased to have such a skilled orienteer in our club.

U.S. Champs web site here, with Sprint and Long results.  Several sets of photos also there to peruse, including at least one of Sergey in Vlad's set, looks like one from the start line.

May 25, 2013

Rabbit Creek-O 2013 Results

Many of our regulars didn't make it to Rabbit Creek this year, but we still had a great meet and a good turnout to tackle the new format on the advanced course. This year the course was run on the traditional 1:10,000 map but 30 controls were placed throughout the course and it was up to the competitor to choose their own route. There was 1 point per control. Three hours was allowed. Over three hours was a disqualification resulting in 0 pts.

Advanced Course
Twelve runners attempted the advanced course but only two were able to get all 30 controls in the time allotted.
John Murray      2:42
Ole Bergset      2:47
Michael Bading and Merrill Hayden  2:51
Russ Pilcher    2:59
Greg Davidson  2:53
Tim Birch and Christine Kollar 3:00
Brad Mcintosh and Jereme Richardson 3:00
Melanie Schuster 2:41
Kerry Davis  2:20
Ian Mulleus  2:13
Beginner Course
Camden and Nicole with Jeff Mulleus tackled the course in 45 minutes.
Michael and Caelin Judd also made it through the course in 45 minutes!
Britany Lau and Niki Elings strolled unofficially through the course while carrying their Blue Moons without spilling a drop!
For more photos, comments, maps etc
check out our new facebook page!!

Race Director Bill Pilcher

May 15, 2013

10th Annual Rabbit Creek-O Run!

10th Annual Rabbit Creek-O Run
May 19th 2013
Murphy, ID
11:00AM first starts
This years Orienteering meet at Rabbit Creek will be
 using a fresh new format:
The advanced course is a 
hybrid of a classic course and a score-o
There are 30 controls placed on the 1:10,000 scale map
Three hours will be the time limit
One point per control--Maximum Score = 30
Over 3 hours is a DQ (Score =0)

I expect many advanced orienteers will be able to get all the controls in under 3 hours
therefore the time on the course will be the tie-breaker
Starts will be staggered as in a classic course

You plan your own custom route
Take the controls in any order you choose as in a score-O
Traditional Intermediate and Beginner courses will be available in a classic format
Just like Rabbit Creek-O's
early years
We will be serving tacos, beer and gatorade after the meet!
(while supplies last!)
Bring chairs, extra drinks, and snacks if you like

Meet Director Bill Pilcher

May 12, 2013

Stewart Gulch Meet Results

My apologies for the tardiness of this meet report on the Stewart Gulch Orienteering meet but I’ve been sick from Russ’ oyster shooters…….no, not really, they were delicious……life just got in the way.

Oyster shooters...
And their maker.

Anyway, for the meet, we had a pleasant yet hot day.  The advance and intermediate courses were long and arduous, perhaps a little overzealousness from the meet director and his cohort co-directors.  The idea was partly to prep orienteerers for the next meet at Rabbit Creek in the Owhyee foothills….sort of bridging the gap between park meets and the mountains.

We only had four parties undertake the beginning course.  Nicholas Byrne ran flat out with a great time on the course.  JJ Byrne ran the course three times with a best of 4:41.  Lexy and Matt went once around in a time of 6:50.  The Cole family showed up wanting a course more than the beginning and less than the intermediate.  I drew them up an abbreviated map of the intermediate course which they completed in 1 hr, 19 minutes.

The intermediate course was probably tougher than a typical foothills meet.  The straight line distance of the course was 4.5K.  Due to the steepness and length we had varying results in this category.  Many participants were first time orienteers and/or first timers at a non-park meet.  Due to its difficulty, even most of the non-finishers had amazing results.  Matteo Jorgenson is one of those first time orienteers and finished first in this division in a little over 1 hr 19 minutes.  He was followed in by Russ Pilcher, and the Dustin family boys.   Jeff and Kelly Mullen, Jay Morgan, and Ian and Layton also completed this course.

The advanced course was almost 12k in length.  The distance between controls was often long, and the terrain often steep.  It was probably as long of an advanced foothills course that we’ve ever had. Jeff Black finished first in just over two hours.  John Murray, and newcomer Dennis Ahern rounded out the top three.
I had a lot of assistance in course design by Nicholas and Jim Byrne (first time as co-directors), course set up by Jim Byrne, and registration duties by Jim and Nicholas.  Also many thanks for control pickup by Jim and JJ Byrne, and Jeff Black.  All photos are courtesy of Dondi Black, thank you.
Be sure to put the next meet on your calendar, Sunday, May 19th, in Murphy, Idaho.  Watch this website for directions and more information.

Results (if I’ve made any errors in my time calculations please notify me):

Nicholas Byrne 0:03:44
Lexy/Matt 0:06:50
JJ Byrne 0:11:00, 0:4:41 (2nd time)
Doug, Max, Susan Cole 1:19:45 (long, hand drawn course by meet director)
Matteo Jorgenson 1:19:35
Russ Pilcher 1:42:20
Team Dustin (the boys) 1:53:30
Jeff, Kelly Mullens 1:58:22
Jay Morgan 1:59:40
Ian & Layton 2:08:21
Karen Didisse 0:56:15 (DNF)
Parker & Yaro 1:28:00 (DNF)
Kyle Larsen 1:49:20 (DNF)
Team Dustin (the girls) 1:51:25 (DNF, but sent out inadvertently with Adv map)
Pam McNight 1:58:03 (DNF)
Jeff Black 2:00:14
John Murray 2:53:15
Dennis Ahern 3:06:06
Ben Brock 1:27:00 (DNF)
Sergey Velichko 1:48:30 (DNF, missed #8)
Melanie Wright 2:45:43 (DNF)
Meet Director Bill Leahy