June 19, 2012

Herrick Hills Meet Results

David M. showing good form

a serious competitor

Novice Course  2.4km 50m. climb
Ole and Doug at #12  (Ellen Crosby photos)
 Murray family (w/ Sergey)                        57:26
Steve & Mary A.                              1:16:00
Elliott & Arnold group (bad map)      1:37:00

Intermediate Course 3.8km  145m. climb
David B. & Neva                       1:12:10
Masha V.                                   1:13:00
Bob Didisse                                1:27:30
Jeff Decker                                 1:33:00
club members in new jerseys
Dondi & Toby                            dnf

Advanced Course  6.7km 285m. climb
Sergey Velichko                        1:04:04
David Murray                            1:55:01 
John Murray                              2:05:05
Jeff Black                                  2:09:19
Ole Bergset                              2:10:40
Doug LaMott                           2:27:50
Bill Leahy                                 2:52:37

Our inaugural meet at Herrick Hills saw a good turnout of CTOC club members and some Valley county locals.  The weather was ideal except for the occasional visibility obscuring clouds of pine pollen.  Apparently I might've missed a few spots during my approx. 7 hrs. of fieldchecking, the map so some details were neglected, but all agreed the contours were great. The hills made for physical but enjoyable courses.  Sergey turned in a blistering 1:04 time so must have been able to run some even with the ubiquitous slash, his next competitors were David and John Murray nearly an hour behind but showing good running form as well.  There was some confusion on the advanced course with an unclear map correction near the most difficult comtrol. 
Nice spirited competition on the intermediate course with all the competitors close together timewise.
The Novice course was experienced by some local girl scouts and their fathers celebrating Father's day; they probably would've had a better time if I hadn't miss-drawn the first control on their map, but they persevered and showed good scout resourcefulness and in good spirits managed to find all the rest of the controls and came back to find the first one in the end before finishing. 
I've posted some additonal photos from the meet by Ellen Crosby and others at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ctoc-boise/photos/album/1564750170/pic/list
feel free to post any pictures or course routes in this album.  Note the nice artsy shot by Ellen of the biggest pile of stumps I've ever seen.

Thanks much to Jeff B. and Dondi for help with starts and registration; and Jeff, Jeff, Ole and Bob for control pickup.  And also Dwight with Cascade Lake Realty and the other property owners for allowing us to use the area.
See you at the next meet 7/21 in Idaho City.         - Karin Didisse, meet director                                          


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