April 17, 2012

Laramie Daze and Western States Champs

Photo from http://www.wyomingtourism.org/overview/Medicine-Bow-National-Forest/3664
Fellow orienteers:

It's well worth noting and quite possibly taking advantage of this relatively close and remarkably affordable A meet:

Laramie Daze and Western States Championships, August 28 -September 3
This year the two days of the Western States Orienteering Championships will be held in conjunction with the five days of Mikell Platt's Laramie Daze. That's seven days of orienteering on some of the finest maps and most inviting terrain around. Mikell, a 13-time US Classic champion, has mapped considerably more than half of a 150 square kilometer area in the Medicine Bow National Forest east of Laramie including never before used terrain. Learn more about Laramie Daze at http://sites.google.com/site/laramierangeorienteeringclub/home .

Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club will host the Western States Orienteering Championships. More information on that later at http://www.rmoc.org/ .

John Murray and Jeff Black

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bbrooke said...

The 2012 Western States Championships website is now up and running, and online registration is open. We hope to see some City of Trees members at the meet! http://2012.rmoc.org/


Brooke (RMOC Registrar)