April 8, 2012

April Meet at Columbia Village Report

It took a little bit of traversing steep hills

It took a little bit of persuasion

It took a little bit of fence climbing

It took a little bit of map thinking

It took a little bit of determination

It took a little bit of happy finishing

Ole found us!

New Columbia Village map inauguration and opportunity to run through hundreds people literally jamming soccer fields of Simplot complex made this past Saturday courses challenging and requiring full concentration, flow, and execution. Below are results of both Intermediate and Advanced courses that shared many controls together. Unfortunately, one of the controls disappeared but was skillfully recovered by Ole who noticed some boys playing with the bag. We hope it did not spoil the moment as the location of the control was obviously the only saddle on the map.

Intermediate Course: 3.7K, 10m climb, 15 controls

Davis Gilton                                     32:10
Jeff Decker                                      35:04
Alex Pusch                                      35:30
Ole Bergset                                     41:10
Michael and Drake Rudolph            52:25
Katarina Schwartsman                     52:42
Masha Velichko (just stretching)

Advanced Course: 6.5K, 50m climb, 20 controls

Todd Dinkelman                               40:45
Ben Brock                                        44:00
Jeff Black                                         49:57
John Murray                                     57:42
Jeff, Hayden, and Andrew Harvey 1:11:53

We hope to see you all at our traditional Rabbit-O in May. Bill and Russ are masters of putting fun and enjoyable events! And this is real wilderness!

Masha and Sergey Velichko

* All photos are courtesy of our special field correspondent Ellen Crosby.

P.S. If you are the owner of small red jacket left at the start, please, contact us so we can arrange a transfer (see our contact info at the right bottom).

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