November 1, 2011

Caldwell City Challenge!

Sunday November 13, 2011 

You’re Invited to join us for the 
City of Trees Orienteering Club's (CTOC) 
very first Caldwell City Challenge. 
Caldwell City's Train Depot

Start and Finish will be at the
Memorial Park Bandshell 
Memorial Park
Kimball and Grant Streets
Caldwell, ID 83605

  • Registration Open: 9:30 am 
  • Maps handed out at: 10:00 am 
  • Start time: 10:30 am 
  • End time: 1:30 pm 

You will be provided a detailed Caldwell City Map with 36 locations circled. Your goal will be to find/visit as many of the 36 locations as possible within a 3 hour time period. At the various locations, participants will read a question on the back of their map that can easily be answered if at that location. Participants will circle one of 3 multiple choice answers as proof of visiting the correct location. The specific location visited will be worth different point values based upon the distance from the start/finish area. For those competing, the highest total point scores win. There will be “On Foot” and “On Bike” categories. 

You can be a competitor or a non-competitor. Baby Strollers and pets on leashes are welcome. In other words just come, enjoy the City of Caldwell, and have a good time. 

Entry fees are: free to members of the City of Trees Orienteering Club, $5.00 per map for non-members (individual or group).

You may want to bring: a watch, a compass, a snack and a cell phone. (Some compasses will be available to borrow) 

Hope to see you there! — Russ & Bill Pilcher, Co-directors. 
Please let us know if you have ????’s. Email:; (208) 965.9343

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