October 26, 2011

Vampire-O Results

Perhaps it was the mild temperatures or it was a Saturday night before Halloween and folks were looking for something fun, but this year was a decent number of participants for the vampire-o. In all there were 30 participants. Some were first timers to a CTOC event and some first timers to orienteering. And of course we had experienced CTOC members there too.

It all began with a mass start and participants scattering in all directions. David and Liam Murray volunteered to be the first vampire and waited 2 minutes after the mass start before beginning their hunter for the first victim. And didn’t take long. A mere 6 minutes into the event, we heard the first shout of “vampire attack”. And we continue to hear that thorough out the 40 minute event. In total the vampire card traded hands 6 times.

Jeff Black was first to finish with a blazing time of 29min 46s followed by Rob Landis with a time of 35min 48s and each correctly punched all 16 controls. As the time ran down to the final minutes, it seemed as if everyone came in the same time. It was mayhem for the director trying to keep it all straight. That's the disadvantage of mass start & finish. Please let me know if you see an error in the results below.

After the event, there were several comments about the course. The area between controls #2 thru #7 was dubbed “vampire alley” where the vampire found it easy to claim a victim. Also, the high visibility along the outsides of the course kept the experience orienteer on their toes watching for vampire. All first timers went out of their way to let me know how much fun they had. One added benefit for the newbie’s was the course was stacked in favor of the vampire and made it possible for the inexperienced orienteer to ended up with higher scores than the experienced ones.
Thanks to everyone who help with event. Even the first timer Jim Kramer & family and students from Sun Valley Community School helped pickup the course.
Be sure to join us at the next event Caldwell Street Challenge November 13, 2011

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