November 8, 2010

It was a dark and stormy day...
24 intrepid souls braved the relentless downpour and possible hypothermia to compete in this year’s Boise Street Challenge. We had a good turn out despite the adverse conditions, I’m sure everyone was hoping the rain would at least be off and on, not just on. Lee Scott finished in an astonishing 2hrs. 9 mins. after getting all the checkpoints. He was able to go home and "take a shower to dry off" before the rest came in. His bike odometer recorded about 20 miles for his route. Several new faces showed up for this fun and unusual event and they all did very well, hopefully they will also make it to some of our more traditional events with hopefully better weather. Russ provided cake and refreshments in honor of the Marine Corp’s birthday, and thanks to a camper van we were able to provide hot drinks.

Our answer cards were not up to the challenge of the continuous rain and made scoring very difficult, I’m sure the conditions caused some wrong answer results. I apologize, but I had to go with what we had. Most people had to reconstruct their answers on a new card after finishing, from the indecipherable pulp that their original cards had become while trying to think straight with hypothermic brains. Andy had the idea of recording his answers on a Blackberry type device, unfortunately not everyone had that option. I had to dry out Sergey’s answer card to read it, it must have been hard for him writing with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other. Sergey's route is posted to left. Bill Leahy succesfully disputed his wrong answer on #41, which come to think of it would change the results for Bill P. also.

After the weather conditions for this meet and my last meet at McCall’s Bear Basin this summer (which came close to being a Ski-O) we’ve decided that I should only put on a meet in areas or times of extreme drought.

The results are below, consult the master score sheet scan to find out who got what checkpoints (in case the scan appears too small here, I'll also post it to the Yahoo group photos section). We scored groups and individuals in the same categories for simplicity. In case of tied point scores the earlier finisher was placed ahead, times listed on results sheet are time of day. All the penalties listed on the master score sheet were for wrong answers, no one wanted to stay out any longer than they had to so there were no late time penalties. Medals were awarded to top finishers, Jill/ Matt, Roy and Sergey will have to pick their’s up some other time. Also there was an umbrella left at meet site.

A great big thanks to Russ and Andy who checked the controls before hand and averted what would have certainly been some problems. And everyone appreciated the generosity of Mike Shuman and Shu’s Running Co.for the gift cards we gave away in the drawing.
See you next time for traditional orienteering, Sat. Dec. 4 at Ann Morrison park.
A big thanks to all the hardy souls who showed up a competed!
- Karin Didisse, meet director

Name, Time In, Total Points
Bike Division:
1. Lee Scott - 12:39 - 780pts.
2. Melanie Schuster & Greg Davidson - 1:05 - 760pts.
3. Michael Bading & Merril Hayden - 1:22 - 760pts.
4. Jay Morgan - 1:04 - 710pts.
5. Andy & Elijah Hill - 1:29 - 640pts.
6. Doug LaMott - 1:26 - 620pts.
7. Bob Didisse - 12:11 - 380pts.

Elite Foot Division:
1. Jeff Black - 1:29 - 770pts.
2. Sergey Velichko - 1:26 - 730pts.
3. Bill Leahy - 1:26 - 700pts.
4. Renee Kline & George Yates - 1:28 - 500pts.
5. John Murray - 1:21 - 460pts.

Intermediate Foot Division:
1. Jill & Matt Score - 1:28 - 370pts.
2. Bill Pilcher - 1:28 - 310pts.
3. Roy Meade - 12:28 - 260pts.
4. Masha Velichko - 12:33 - 210pts.

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