November 28, 2010

Grin and Bear It

Our final meet of the year is almost here: Saturday, December 4th.

While this might appear to be just another easy park meet, don't be too confident. I have a little variation in store this time, one that requires you to keep your eyes wide open and possibly even take a bearing (hence the title of this entry) to find the control. Even in good ol' Ann Morrison. I'll spare the suspenseful details until the day of. But for those who have done this orienteering thing before it will be good practice I think.

For traditionalists, or if you're just getting warmed up to the idea of orienteering, I'll have a beginner course handy too.

The park had a couple inches of snow this weekend that looks like it may just hold. Don't count on tracks of your fellow orienteers given all the wildlife out there!

Start: Ann Morrison, by the bridge (our usual)
Date: Saturday, December 4th
Time: start times between 11-12:30pm, course closed by 2pm.
Courses: special combined interm/adv, and classic beginner

If you aren't a member, don't forget a waiver in advance to save some time.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Jeff Black

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