January 9, 2010

Willow Lane Freezeout
Saturday, December 19

So, who would rather fight the crowds on opening weekend at Bogus rather than go orienteering on a cold, blustery December day? Most folks, as it turned out. Attendance at this meet was quite a bit below normal numbers for a December meet – next year we move it back to the traditional first weekend in December.

Those who did show had a nice day for running (or even walking). First guinea pigs out the door were walkers Brad Lowe and Dawn Caldwell, followed a few minutes later by Lee Scott on the Advanced course. A bit later, Jay Morgan arrived via bike to try his hand, but he wasn’t quite able to topple Lee from his top spot. Bill Pilcher, fresh from a concrete face-plant while stringing Christmas lights then took on the Advanced course while attempting to leash-train a new dog. Youngster Peter Beckner (who seems poised to give Masha some competition in the younger ranks) took a quick run around the Intermediate course. And, lastly, Jeff Black, via Intergalactic cruiser bike, arrived barely in advance of course teardown, and made short work of the Advanced course.

Thanks to everyone who came out – see ya at the upcoming January freezeout!


Jeff Black32:52
Lee Scott41:55
Jay Morgan46:28
Bill Pilcher71:00

Peter Beckner33:05
Brad Lowe and Dawn Caldwell50:00

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