January 13, 2010

The sweet score of January

January 16th! The first club meet for 2010!

I cordially invite you to partake in a Score course in our slightly soggy but very runnable city park of Ann Morrison. Although it sounds innocuous, you may find it pleasantly challenging, as we will have no fewer than 30 controls out there, in a medley of different point values. To find the best route choice will be something for your brain to determine, while your hands and feet punch and run.

If you would like to race, there will be a competitive time limit meant to challenge you but let you savor every moment.

If you would like to come out and enjoy the pleasures of a walk in our city park in January, see a few corners you never knew existed, or convince us all you can find the very best route choice, take what time you like up to course close at 1pm.

A quick reminder: our annual dues cycle begins with each year. See the link on the right for dues - they will cover all local club meets for the year, and support the club in development of new maps and meet supplies.

If you aren't a member, don't forget a waiver in advance to save some time.

Date: Saturday, January 16th
Time: Departures between 11 and 12:30; course closes at 1pm.

Look forward to seeing you there!
Race Directors Jeff Black and Doug LaMott

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