October 25, 2009

October 17, 2009


City of Trees Orienteering Club held their first Vampire-O at Simplots Sports Complex. The event format was score-o, at night, with the twist of having a vampire chasing participants and taking hard earned points. Once "vampired" the victim would surrender their score card along with all their points and in return receive the vampire card worth zero points. Much like a game of tag while orienteering. In addition, there was a beginner course with 4 controls, and intermediate course with 18 controls.

The weather was nearly perfect for night orienteering with temperatures in the mid to low 60's during the whole event. Nearly all of the participants showed up in dark or complete black clothing. And in the case of Bill Leahy and Nicolas Bryne even sported camouflage face paint (see photos). The option of carrying a one gallon jug of holy water to avoid being "vampired" was available however no one took advantage of it.

The vampire-o course had 18 control points and a 40 minute time limit. We had 9 participants for the vampire-O. Doug LaMott volunteer to be the first vampire. The mass start began at 7:30PM with the vampire starting 3 minutes afterwards. At the start all participants scattered in all directions with most of them having their headlamps off! Except Karin who was still on her cell phone trying to locate her husband who had not checked in from his two-person cross-country flying trip.

As participants crossed the finish there were lots of stories about both vampires and victims. I was surprised to learn that some ran the event with their headlamps off! Only turning on when it was necessary to see the map and to punch score cards. Others talked about hiding in bushes and under trees to evade the vampire. It was interesting to hear how some vampires hind and waited for a victim rather than trying to run someone down. It seems like everyone had story about their strategy.

In the end, it was Jeff Black who finished first and managed to punch all 18 controls with over 3 minutes to spare. Followed by Jay Morgan who punched 16 controls. Both were vampired twice. Our final vampire of the night was Karin Didisse who was a real good sport beings she was distracted at the start.
After completing the vampire-o course, Nicolas and Jim Byrne took on the beginner courses and punched all 4 controls in 10:45.


A big thanks to those who helped with the event: Donna Goodwin (co-director), Bill Leahy, Doug LaMatt, Karin Didisse and Jay Morgan. Andy Hill for printing & delivering all the maps. And, John Bartholomew from CROC in Portland for his help and experience with vampire-o's


Our next meet is Sunday, November 15th. For more info see our blog site at:http://www.ctoc-boise.org/ctoc/index.htm


Name/Total/Penalty/ vampires
Jeff Black /180/ 0/ 2
Jay Morgan /160/ 0/ 2
Doug LaMott /140/ 0/ 1
Bill Leahy /130/ 0/ 0
Nicolas & Jim Byrne /70/ 0/ 0
Lucy & John Kritko /50/ 10/ 0
Karin Didisse /Vampire/ 0/ 2

Beginner Course:
Nicolas and Jim Byrne 10:54

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