September 30, 2009

Coming Up: CTOC's first ever Vampire-O - Saturday, Oc. 17th

Welcome to CTOC first ever Vampire-O. What’s a Vampire-O, you ask? Read on and get ready for some Halloween fun while orienteering at night. And yes, it’s will be at night because everyone knows that vampires only come out at night!

Date: Saturday Oct 17, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Sunset is at 6:55pm, however, full darkness will be closer to the 7:15PM)
Location: Simplot Sport Complex East (parking lot off S. Quamash Way)
Format: Vampire-O (score-o format, mass start with one more vampires starting 3 minutes later)
Courses: Beginner & intermediate courses
Notes: Bring your headlamp, warm clothes and Registration Form (or register on site) and enjoy a fun night of orienteering.

  1. So, what is Vampire-O? It's like playing a game of tag while orienteering! One or more participants are selected as "vampires" at the start of the event. The "vampires" leave 3 minutes after everyone else had a mass start. Vampires carry a "vampire" card, worth zero points. When they come within five meters of another orienteer and yell "vampire attack!", the "victim" must surrender his or her punch card (along with all of its points) to the vampire, who then receives the Vampire card. The victim then becomes the vampire (but cannot immediately re-tag the original vampire, of course). This will be done at night with flashlights.
  2. After a vampire attack can the victim attack his/her original vampire? If so, what are the rules for doing so? "No immediate tag backs", just like in third grade. ;-> Cards tend to get traded back and forth pretty quickly, so this usually isn't a problem. You can attack someone that attacked you as long as you unloaded the card you got from them and are now carrying a card you got from another vampire later on. Vampires can't attack vampires of course - they'd just end up swapping cards...
  3. I understand the course is score-o format. Is each control worth the same number of points? Each control is worth the same amount. Identical control point values also makes scoring at the end that much easier - and it will be a bit hectic with a score-O mass finish.
  4. Are teams allowed? If so, how does it work if the team is the vampire and team members have both slow and fast runners can the faster runner go after a victim alone or do they need to stay together as a team? Teams are allowed. The team should stay together, within reason. The rule is "do the right thing" during the event. Teams should stay within vocal range if they get a bit separated, but should travel together whenever possible.
  5. What if I want to run the vampire-o course but don’t want to be bothered by the vampire? Can I just want to run the score-o course? You can run the course but you will need special holy water to protect you from vampires. If you choose this option then you will be given a 1 gallon jug of holy water and you must carry it at all times during the event.
  6. Will there be a beginner and intermediate course? Yes, there will be a beginner and intermediate course. Participants that wish do the beginner or intermediate courses will be give a special garlic bracelet (glow in dark bracelet. The kind you see at the county fair). This will protect you from the vampire. Beginner and intermediate participants should come early to avoid the mass start of the vampire-o.
  7. Because its at night do I need to bring a flashlight? Yes, you should bring a flashlight or a headlamp.
  8. Do I need to dress up in a Halloween costume? No, you do not need to come in costume. However, you can if you wish.
  9. Will it be dark enough for a night-o? Yes, sunset on Oct 17th will be 6:55pm and it will near total darkness by the time of the vampire-o mass start.

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