September 25, 2008

Membership and Fees

Membership dues allow the club to pay expenses for conducting meets (maps, equipment, etc.), keeping you updated on the club activities (web, mail, fliers, etc.), and pay OUSA for meet insurance and support. We try to make this sport affordable to all people. Joining the CTOC and OUSA gives you a chance to be part of the orienteering community.

Fees for the meets:
Local meet fees (excluding A and B meets):
  • Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members
  • Single Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members
  • If more than one map is needed for a team, a small additional fee may be needed per the discretion of the meet director depending on printing costs.
A, B meets:
  • $5/day per person, club member discount
CTOC membership:
  • Regular $45 (pays for all local meets).
  • Family $65 (pays for all local meets).
  • Associated $15 (no discounts at local meets) - voting power only.
Membership renewal on January 31 of each year. Monthly Pro-Rata for membership fees:














CTOC membership gives you the opportunity to support your club in addition to discounts at any local meet in Boise and nearby clubs in Washington (and some other clubs around the USA). Taking under consideration that CTOC conducts more than 10 meets per year that can save you money.

CTOC membership online form or download the PDF here, print it, then submit it to us together with membership fee at the next meet.

OUSA membership:
Being a member of OUSA gives you opportunity to support orienteering in the USA.  This includes programs for new maps, A meet equipment and loans, and Junior programs (such as having a national coach visit our Riverstone students for specific training, which happened in 2014).  You also get a discount at all A meets around the country and a subscription to the Orienteering North America magazine, which includes many maps and events from all over the world as well as training advice and strategies.


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