September 30, 2008

Coming up: Boise Metrogaine

For the glorious fall month of October, we are holding what has become a traditional event for our club: the Boise Metrogaine. What makes this event different from our normal club meet? It now covers all of downtown Boise and some of the surrounding neighborhoods and parks, using questions as "controls" that can only be answered by actually being there. You may be surprised at what small details you never noticed before in our fair city! For those of you who remember the Score-O style of orienteering, this is similar in that you can choose your own route and find controls in any order. You are only limited by time, in this case 3 hours maximum. Some controls - typically the most distant - are usually worth more points, and there is a stiff penalty for overtime.

If you try to get them all, keep in mind this is BIG: last year it was estimated the total distance for the quickest course was around 20 miles, completing all controls. Besides the usual running and hiking options, a bike class is available too.

Given the sheer scale of this map and the time involved, a beginner orienteering course in the park will also be offered for those looking for a more relaxed event. You can show up anytime after the mass start of the metrogaine (where everyone leaves at the same time), although the beginner course will be closed by 1pm.

Date: Sunday, October 12th
Start time: Mass start at 10:30! Plan to be at the start no later than 10:15 for instructions.
Time limit: 3 hours. (Meet directors will pack up not long after 1:30pm.)
Location: Starts at Ann Morrison park, by the bridge over the river.
Course design: Jeff Black
Map: USGS 1:20000 with minor additions

Hope to see you on the 12th!

Jeff Black

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