August 25, 2020

Bear Basin Results


Results Bear Basin McCall Idaho Sunday Aug. 23, 2020

We had a great turnout Sunday despite the heat and smoke with some very strong competition, and all the courses were found to be challenging but apparently not too much so according to the results.  There were some newcomers to the club who had a good time and we hope to see them again at future meets. With young Zach doing very well on the advanced course it looks like he might start giving Sergey some competition.  The combination of rolling forested terrain and accurate map were a big hit with everyone enjoying the courses and looking forward to orienteering in the area again. (Click on photos to enlarge them)

Hope to see you all at the next meet Saturday Sept. 19 at Grayback Gulch.

-          Karin Didisse, meet director


Advanced Course  6.5 km, climb 200 m.

Sergey Velichko             0:55

Zach Clayton                 1:13

James Debenham          1:40

Ole Bergset                   2:01

Melanie Wright            2:59


Intermediate Course  5.1 km., climb 120 m.

John Murray                                     1:13

Torin Ford & Jackson                      1:16

David & Alecia Murray                   1:18

Andy Hill                                          1:37

Kirsten Severud                               1:39

Nate Ramsey                                   1:46

Roy & Kim Tsuda  (2nd course)     2:18

Jennifer Smackey                           2:30

Scott & Christy Morris                   3:18

Jerry Stewart                                   3:23

Bob Didisse (& Clipper)                 DNF


Novice Course   2.1km.   climb 30 m.

Norma B.                                  0:50

Roy & Kim Tsuda                     1:36

Donna P.                                   1:45

Recent Michigan import James heads out

Intermediate Course

"Socially distant"post run discussion

Andy finishing the intermediate course

Karin relieved that people
are actually finishing

Andy and Ole rehashing the course
Novice course
Advanced Course

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