July 14, 2020

Dutch Lake meet report

2nd day of the orienteering Boulder Dash events moved to Stanley on Sunday July 12 where controls were set for yellow, brown, and red courses from the 2017 Middle USA championships. Total 7 participants sampled these courses in already hot hours of the morning. Tricky glacial moraine terrain required careful and precise navigation.

Results in no particular order:

John Murray Brown 1:05:29
Karin Didisse Brown 1:14:28
Kirsten Severud Brown DNF (picked all course controls with some guidance after)
Jerry Stewart Brown DNF (but finished with smile!)
John Harback Red 1:22:51
Zach Clayton Red 1:31:50
Jennifer Smackey Yellow 1:12:31

Jerry finishing in style!

After the meet there was some heated modern physics discussion including such basic concepts as energy and electrical current.

As well as proper sized glasses to sample delicious wine from the cellars of Karin's business!

Thank you Jennifer and Zach for picking all the yellow course and most distant controls on red course!

See you all at our next meet August 2 near Idaho City!


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