June 2, 2020

Armchair Orienteering

Orienteering sport encompasses a significant technical component. Below you may find few resources that may be very helpful to improve navigational and technical skills required to be successful in the sport. Please enjoy literally hundreds of thousands of maps, events, and courses with routes placed by the best.

Routegadget database from all around the world including the USA and Canadian national events as well as from many national federations (from the main page click on "here" in the line "Previous front page with links and downloads can be found here", wait for the list of events to appear, select an event, select an age group course from the drop-down menu at the right, people with routes drawn are shown with *, select as many as you wish, and push View Routes button)

The CTOC own Routegadget with courses from our past national events in Boise, Idaho City, and Stanley

Would of O Maps (use the map interface to drill down to specific tiles covering the whole world to uncover maps in that area, select a map with course, found "Go to original link" to go to full size map and course) - linked to Doma archives from different sources

Enjoy countless hours of armchair orienteering around the world! I use these regularly in preparation to national and international competitions.


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