October 19, 2019

Rescheduling Vampire-O to Saturday Nov. 2

They are calling for thunder and lightning tonight as well. I am rescheduling for Nov. 2.

Thanks - Melanie


Unknown said...

To whom it may concern, years ago I found a camera while riding my horse in the Cascades near Bend, Oregon. I have recently come across the camera after laying it aside those many years ago. I thought that if I looked at the pictures maybe I could discern who the owner might be. So...here are descriptions of a few of them. A picture of "Mel" with a birthday cake in 2008; a visit to the Deschutes Brewery with friends in Bend, Oregon in 2013; a red Nissan XTerra, lic # 1A LJ369 in 2013; and pictures of red & blue kayaks showing their registration numbers (?) in 2013. There are also several pictures showing a guy wearing a cowboy hat with decorations, one of them being a star on the front. If anyone out there knows who this camera might belong to please have them get back to me and I'll gladly send it to them. My name is Rhonda and I live north of Bend in the central Oregon area. Thank you for your help.

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