September 23, 2019

September 22 Ann Morrison Park Meet Results

It was perfect sunny day for the meet at Ann Morrison park this past Sunday. I really hope that new additions to one of our first maps made courses challenging and interesting. We will continue adding new areas for our future meets.

A strategic discussion in progress and a couple of happy finishers.

CTOC local event at Ann Morrison park, Boise

Advanced (2)4.9 km 0 m25 C
18Ole Bergset1:04:36
1John Murraymp
Intermediate (8)3.3 km 0 m17 C
118Innes Wright36:42
217Katrina Wright50:48
311Rowen & Eric Concannon1:01:23
410Trisha & Jason Mick1:04:36
515Laslie Perez1:05:49
62Jerry Stewart1:08:45
716Norma Bailey1:26:34
89Veronica Fletcher1:32:24
Beginner (8)1.8 km 0 m11 C

14Rowen Concannon29:23
212Norma Bailey41:01
33Laslie Perez41:03
47Heather & Nancy Steele41:46
514Vivian & Joe Kosak55:46
613Albert & Raphael Bicknell56:51
75Laura & Steve Lefkowitz1:00:13
6Lisa Corsymp

Splits are available on Winsplits at this location Ann Morrison park meet split times

Let me know if I may mis-typed your name during registration frenzy.

Details of our next October meet are being discussed. Usually it is our fun Vampire Night-O. Be ready with your most favorite costume and powerful headlight or flashlight.

Sergey Velichko

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