August 20, 2019

Bear Basin McCall 8/18/2019 Results

We had a good turn out for some nice forested courses on mild rolling terrain at the Bear Basin meet.  The temperature was hot for the mountains and not many huckleberries were to be found, but the minimal climb was enjoyed by the racers.  Melanie did well and kept Sergey from being alone on the advanced course.  The popular Intermediate  course was hotly contested with some surprisingly fast times and family rivalry.  Ole sure didn't seem hampered by his recent hip replacement surgery and went out to do most of the Advanced course afterwards.  Participants on the Novice course found it challenging but managed to find all the controls and learned a lot.

Advanced  5.6 km   135 m.   climb
1. Sergey Velichko                 0:45
2. Melanie Wright                  1:45
John Murray (2nd course)
Ole Bergset  (2nd course)

Intermediate   3.1 km  65 m. climb
1. Ole Bergset                            0:41
2. Katrina Wright                       0:47
3. Innes Wright                          0:51
4. Torin, Joe Kosak                    1:01
5. Bob Didisse (& Clipper)        1:26
6. Rosie & Andy Hill, Laurie     1.31
7. Jerry Stewart                           1:35
8. Norma Bailey (John Murray) 2:17
9. Donna Gookin (Edwin)          2:46

Novice          1.8km      35m. climb
1. Vivian & Joe Kosak            1:59
2. Skeen family                       2:00

Thanks for help with control pick up to John, Andy, Ole, & Jerry.  Also thanks to John for updating the map, and Donna and Edwin for setting some controls.
Hope to see you all at the next meet!
- Karin Didisse, meet director

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