April 23, 2019

16th Annual CTOC Rabbit Creek Meet Sunday May 5th, 2019

Come join us for one of the club’s favorite events:

The CTOC Rabbit Creek Orienteering Meet

This marks the 16th year the club will compete at this venue, a scenic,challenging and fun adventure every time.

And don’t miss the great potluck after the meet!  Bring a dish or beverages if you can.Located in the Owyhee mountains, this orienteering meet offers both stunning beauty and ruggedness, in a rustic ranch farm setting.

The views during the meet are expected to be spectacular this year!

Beautiful snow capped views from the record snow pack this year, yet the current mild temperatures are bringing out the wild flowers and great conditions for nice orienteering meet at Rabbit Creek this year.

The current 10 day weather forecast shows dry and mild temperatures, so conditions should be great this year!


Rabbit Creek offers very scenic views: wide open and full of unique rock formations, with a  western farm land backdrop. The ruggedness includes some challenging steep and rocky terrain, brush, barb wire fences, occasional views of wild horses and/or other local animals, and once in a while, maybe an ATV or rancher passing by while on the course.

And now that it's become a tradition, after the meet there will be the annual Rabbit Creek Potluck.  Sandwiches or pizza will be provided, so bring some food and beverages to share.

Meet/ Potluck Information

Date:            Sunday, May 5th

Location:      Rabbit Creek (Murphy, ID)
Formats:      Standard Format - 4 Courses: 
                    Beginner, Sport, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Starts:          Begin after 10:00 am.
Time Limit:   3 hours (For Advanced and Intermediate)
                     2-/1/2 hours (For Sport and Beginner)
Cutoff times: 
- Advance, Intermediate Courses - closed to starts after 11:30 am. 
- Sport, Beginner Courses - closed to starts after 12:00 pm.

The post-meet meal will begin after most of the competitors have returned.


-        Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members 
-        Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members 
-        If more than one map is needed for a team, it is +$1 per map.
-        $2 SI stick rental, $1 compass rental.
-        You may join CTOC for the full year which makes all local meets free!  See member info.


Four (4) levels of traditional classic orienteering courses will be offered:

Beginner: 0.6-1.0 km, 0-10m climb, 4 controls.  A short course right around the house and farm for those just getting acquainted with orienteering.

Sport (also called orange level): 3-4 km, 100m climb, 8 controls.  A short to medium distance loop with limited elevation gain takes a nice tour of the farm and background terrain offering and views of the valley while requiring some navigation skills.

Intermediate: 5-6 km, 250-350m climb, 16 controls.  A medium distance loop that takes a serious sightseeing tour of boulders and cliffs, requiring your full map reading attention.

Advanced: 8-10 km, 400-500m climb, 26 controls.  A large loop with a full complement of technical controls and long legs.

Electronic punching will be used for all courses. Bring your SI stick or rent one from us at nominal charge ($2).

Recommended Equipment

This venue is a strong contrast to our urban meets, so come prepared to handle the terrain and weather for May, which depending on the year can be very hot or much cooler and windy.  We will give an update during the week before the meet.

  • Compass of choice, base-plate or thumb compass works best for orienteering.
  • Sturdy shoes for off trail navigation.
  • Pants and/or gaiters for the high desert - cheat grass and sage being the most common.  Some barbed wire fence hopping or crawling required for the intermediate and advanced courses.
  • Hat and sunscreen for the bright sun conditions with little shade..
  • Water and food for up to 3 hours in the desert sun.  A water control is included halfway on the advanced course.
  • Whistle and cell phone for emergencies.  Cell phone coverage is not assured everywhere.

Keep in mind rattlesnakes are starting to get out at this time of year. We do not see any rattlesnakes very often but they are out there! So be watchful and listen especially around boulder areas and rock piles.
If you have any interest in birds, the ranch is an amazing place full of orioles, kingbirds, hummingbirds, buntings, and birds of prey.  Bring your binoculars to see them up close.

Also, the creek could be flowing higher this year; don’t lose a shoe in the muck. 

Reserving A Map / RSVP

Given the variety of courses, the impossibility of printing maps anywhere near the area, and the desire to minimize waste, please RSVP to me no later than Thursday May 2nd with your name and intended course choice (and if you want an extra map or two for a larger group.)  

For RSVP and questions please contact: Michael Bading
My email is:  mbading AT syzeo DOT com  

We will have some extra maps on hand if you don’t let us know you are coming, but the supply will be limited and given out on a first come first serve basis.

Bring your event waiver prepared in advance especially if you are not a CTOC member, they can be printed from the website.

Driving directions to Rabbit Creek Ranch – Murphy, ID
-  From Boise take I-84 west to Nampa (Exit 35).
-  Turn Left and proceed to 3rd Street S (Caldwell Blvd).
-  Turn Left on 3rd Street S (Caldwell Blvd) and proceed to 12th Ave.
-  Turn Right on 12th Ave. Follow 12th Ave. south and it becomes Hwy 45 as it leaves Nampa city limits.
-  Follow Hwy 45 across the Snake River. Soon after crossing the river, bear to the left and it becomes Hwy 78.
-  Follow Hwy 78 to milepost 29.
-  Immediately after passing the "Murphy" city limits sign turn to the Right on "Old Hwy 45" follow this for one block then continue straight and it becomes "Rabbit Creek Road".
-  Follow Rabbit Creek Road for about 5 1/2 miles to J & S Road there is a lone mailbox.
-  Turn Left on J & S Road and follow this road approximately 1 1/2 miles to the house and sign in area

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