May 7, 2018

Racing the Hub - Columbia Village April 2018 Results

Multiple competitors merging at the hub control
Sixteen competitors showed up for a run through the parks on a windy Saturday morning. Most (9) opted for the slightly longer Expert course. The the number and distribution of starts was about right for plenty of traffic in and around the hub and no following. Competitors enjoyed seeing others moving to and from the hub in different directions.

Every time I use the OE software for SportIdent timing I learn something new. This time I learned that it does matter what time you enter as "Zero time". If you plan to start your meet at 11am, and set zero time for 11am, don't send anyone off early (or set an earlier zero time to be safe time). Apologies to John Murray, Jerry Stewart, and Thomas Bernier for whom I do not have split times (they magically completed the course in a negative time). I was able to manually calculate their overall times. Lessons learned for next urban sprint competition: a single intermediate/expert course (maybe with an option for a second loop for those who need more running), something closer to an orange level advanced novice course, and a programmed zero-time that is earlier than the earliest start!

Newcomers included Boy Scouts Isaac Koudelka, Brigham Jensen, and Gavin Bishop. It was good to see Kara Steele, Roxanna Strong, and Thomas Bernier out again, and Karin Didesse making the trip from McCall. It was also good to see regulars working hard in some higher heart rate zones for the shorter distance course.
Sergey and Ben matching paces in opposite directions


  1. Isaac Koudelka, Brigham Jensen, Gavin Bishop - 0:29
  1. Thomas Bernier - 58:02
  2. Kara Steele and Roxanna Strong - 59:48
  3. Norma Bailey - DNF
  1. Sergey Velichko - 23:14
  2. Ben Brock - 24:36
  3. Jeff Black - 27:07
  4. Emily and Nicola Morgan - 32:42
  5. John Murray - 38:45
  6. Karin Didesse - 39:50
  7. Kerry Davis - 41:02
  8. Jerry Stewart - 1:41:32
Splits are available at WinSplits online, including splits for experts who ran the intermediate loop for additional practice (at least John gets a chance to see some splits for that course):
    Split times, WinSplits Online
Hope to see you at Rabbit Creek on May 20!

CV 2018 Race Director,
Melanie Wright

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